Don’t Pay Debt Collectors 2019 - Do This Instead

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hey hey hey ladies into them you got

your girl Sabrina right here and I am

your prosperity coach listen do not pay

debt collectors guys alright do you have

debt collectors calling your phone

harassing you do you have debt

collectors no sending you letters in the

mail they even may change the letter of

the paper you make it like a white paper

that a green paper that even a red paper

demanding that you pay or they're going

to sing in the court right I used to get

those same is that letters and it used

to scare me to freakin deaf guy I write

to the fact that I may even call them

and they just send them something right

maybe send them a dollar or a $50 $100

jessilee we can call me right let me

tell you something that what that is a

no no no do not do that that is a wrong

mistake alright do not pay debt

collectors for what they buy your day

from the original creditor if he after

180 days your original creditor has a


written off your day that's why we don't

pay a hundred and eighty consecutive

days they will close the account right

they closed the account today right off

on their taxes yes they do they write it

off on their taxes all right

and so once they write up on their taxes

they sell it to debt collectors and debt

collectors buy it because guess what

they got these scared taxes that

normally scare you know normal people

who can't pay their bills and so they

get paid on it so not only do the

company write it off and they get it

back because they also have insurance

right they have things called insurance

on their money so if you don't pay your

bill they're ever called an insurance

company until the insurance company and

ask for their reason for refund

basically because there are money is

insured so they get paid either

write-off or insurance but then may sell

it from the creditor gets paid then they


and they get paid again from the debt

collector and the debt collector homes

that you pay it so then they get paid

right it's a great dish a great business

module but if I were you I would not pay

it all right and so if you pay it let me

say something if you send them $1 then

the statue of limitations they start

over right so it was thought over the

exact day that you paid that $1 so

that's why I'm telling you now do not

pay that debt collector because you can

now dispute it right and get removed

because that debt collector does not

have your papers with the signature on

it they do not have your birth

certificate or your Social Security card

or a driver license and so if they don't

have those fees then guess what then

that debt can not be validated and if

that debt cannot be validated in that

Gulf against a fair credit report

reporting agency right so there's a fair

credit report the credit report agency

requires them to be able to verify who

you are so they gotta have some type of

no validation that you are who they say

you are and that it is your debt and so

for them to buy that day from the actual

creditor I can promise you it would cost

them 10 times on what they paid for

maybe you're dead right they buy it in

the portfolio so if I not just only your

debt but a bunch of people is dead for

pennies on a dollar right and so if they

wanted all those person information from

you then they would have to kind of dig

it up from the critter the creditor

which they don't want to do so they buy

a repeat of the dollar and they hope and

pray that you get scared and pay them

all right code don't pay them you need

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