Why a Credit Check? | First Time Renting Guide

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welcome back to Phil Spencer's top

property tips on the move IQ Channel I'm

cat King and in this episode I'm letting

you in on Phil's insider info on what to

expect from a tenant check whether it's

your first time renting or not do browse

through the renting section of the move

IQ website where there's an absolute

stack of great advice for renters now

back to those tenant checks also known

as screening or vetting this is the way

landlords and letting agents check the

financial and personal stability of a

prospective tenant that's you why well

as the tenant you're asking the landlord

to trust you with their property and

it's no surprise they want to know if

you're going to be able to pay your rent

on time look after the property well and

whether you're likely to be a nuisance

to them the neighbors or other tenants

many letting agencies and landlords use

an independent tenant screening service

these vary but usually include talking

to any referees you might have given on

your application talking to employers

past and present and asking for proof of

funds or earnings that show you can

afford the rent there are of course

rules about what information a landlord

can use to reject you for example it's

acceptable to refuse to have you as a

tenant because you have a poor credit

history or a record of not paying your

rent on time on the other hand it's

illegal to discriminate against you as a

tenant on the basis of age race sexual

orientation disability pregnancy or

religion for instance tenant screening

is actively encouraged by the government

- in fact one of the landlord's legal

responsibilities is to check their

tenants rights rent which includes

proving that they have a legal right to

live in the UK it's also possible to

carry out your own tenancy check getting

pre-vetted can make you appear a more

reliable tenant and give you a head

start where there's competition your

financial history and credit score will

be the most important factors so to

present yourself as the ideal tenant you

should make more than two and a half

times the rent a monthly income have

credit reports and landlord references

showing you've always paid your

on time and also is good to have a

stable work history so good luck and

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and I'll see you next time