10 Signs Your Coworker Has Feelings For You

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having a job brings a lot more to life

than just a paycheck you have

responsibilities good and bad coworkers

the ability to learn new skills and

maybe even get a date no I'm not talking

about getting close to your boss in

order to get that promotion let's take a

quick step back while office romance are

definitely a thing it's crucial to

really think about the consequences of

making moves with that co-worker in the

work environment sometimes things can

get ugly so make sure to weigh your pros

and cons before even thinking a

co-worker is right for you hey job loss

is definitely something you want to

consider also would it drastically

change your work schedule is it frowned

upon in your work environment consider

all of the factors well entertained this

co-worker of yours before you make the

choice to date at work there obviously

has got to be someone in the running for

your interests is that qt from down the

hall interested well here are 10 signs

that your co-worker has feelings for you

number 1 they help you with your task

work is work and you only have one thing

to do there which is to work every

employee is hired because the company or

business expects everyone to fulfill

their task and work if you have a

co-worker who is always offering to help

you with your to-do list it might be for

more reasons than just being kind unless

this person is literally your assistant

there is no reason why they should be

spending so much time helping you this

is exceptionally true if they aren't

even placing your direct department or

working alongside you it's more than

likely that this co-worker is fishing

for excuses to be near collaborate and

connect with you this person also knows

that they are accumulating brownie

points for all of their helping hands

this doesn't hurt if they're hoping

you'll start to look at them with some

romantic interests in the future number

two they are always around you sometimes

whether they are offering to help you or

not you find a co-worker that always

seems to be in your workspace a typical

move is that they often come to tell you

information that could have easily been

sent over or just checking your email or

maybe they even come to gossip or

discuss the boring information that you

both received by your supervisor if you

work in a space that isn't directly an

office this person might gravitate

towards you at any chance they have you

go get a sip of water and they're right

there with you

maybe they punch out at the exact same

time so that you both leave work

together when we don't like someone we

do the obvious and avoid interacting

with them

your co-worker is clearly doing the

direct opposite this person likes you

enough to want to spend the precious

free moments at work with you instead of

being on their phones like the rest of

us number three these work as an excuse

to talk to you after hours for most of

us average shows we work a normal

eight-hour shift the occasional job has

their doubles or overnights but all in

all every job has its set time if your

coworker is using after work hours to

still chat about work there are two

possibilities the first is that they are

a work obsessed maniac who can't

comprehend a work-life balance this is

something you would probably already

know just by their day-to-day presence

or work ethic the other possibility is

that they are using work as an excuse to

introduce themselves into your personal

life this co-worker is cautious and

doesn't want to come on too strong

instead of starting up a blunt personal

conversation they want to slowly

introduce themselves to you outside of

work without being weird they're hoping

that the completely unnecessary

work-related chat will then open up into

normal conversations they like you and

are fishing for an opportunity to

socialize with you less formally and

that my friend is a good play number

four they're not competitive with you

many of us have been brought up and

trained to climb the career ladder this

could be in any job from waitressing to

a corporate office there are always key

players who want to be the best and

dominate while healthy competition keep

us all on our toes a co-worker who has

feelings for you isn't going to place

himself against you they would rather

much partner up with you then go against

you and they are going to make that

clear because why would they go against

you when they are hoping to have a

future with you you too might be in the

in position but they'll always attempt

to bring you up with them this could be

through collaborating together or by

clearly communicating with you around

their career moves a co-worker who has

feelings for you would totally nominate

you and see you happily get employee of

the month number five they flirt with

you if you're in the workplace there is

a fine line between flirting and being

harass most people nowadays know better

than to throw around unsolicited messes

if your coworker is finding ways to

flirt with you they know this risk and

have taken the chances to shoot their

shot with you regardless now let's

assume that there flirting is minimal

and that you are comfortable with it if

this is the case your coworker is trying

to make the most obvious statement they

can by openly showing their attraction

to you in a strict space another

important factor is that they are

flirting only with you and not with

every other employee under the Sun we

don't take flirty Frank and heart I hear

yet seriously if we can confirm that

their flirtation is only directed

towards you and you're happy with it

then rest assure that this co-worker has

feelings for you number six they speak

highly of you at your workplace so while

a dream job has everyone working

together as a team more often than not

we find workplace drama one grumpy older

employee talking about another behind

their back or people making clicky

groups sounds like a bad high school

flashback if your coworker is openly

doing the contrary that is talking you

up and set up ringing you down they

might have aberration for more than just

your work ethic this person may back you

up or defend you when another of your

co-workers seems to be chewing you up

for something minor or when given to

opportunity they'll just speak highly of

your abilities in front of fellow

co-workers whatever their move is this

motive sounds more related to matters of

the heart then matters of work number

seven they take their breaks at the same

time as you every workday is sprinkled

with these precious ultra rare moments

called breaks maybe your job allows you

one set break pro chef or if you're

lucky you'll have some say as to when

you can pause and take a breather either

Way breaks our sacred things if you

notice that one co-worker just so

happened to follow you to the break room

more than once it isn't a coincidence

I've even seen a co-worker pretending to

get a drink so that they would be able

to go hang out for a brief moment with a

co-worker who's actually taking a lunch

break stealthy but you could also play a

little trick and change your break time

to a half-hour earlier or later to see

if this coworker follows your lead this

is a good way to ensure that they are

taking their breaks with you on purpose

which is a surefire sign that they have

feelings for you

number eight they ask you about your

life outside of your job if your

coworker really has feelings for you

they're going to do more than just throw

a couple smiles around your work area

whenever there's a chance they're going

to start making small increase about

your real life you know the life you

have outside of your work clothes and

customer service smile maybe a hobby or

will come up or a comment about family

whatever it is this co-worker will

remember it and use it as a leave way

for more conversations related to your

interests outside of work they will be

digging to see if you two have more in

common than just the place you work for

number nine they make sure that you'll

attend any after work outings most

modern-day workplace have caught up on

the fact that team-building is key this

usually works a lot better when people

feel less pressure and can connect as a

team outside of the confines of the

workplace this can be anything from the

annual holiday dinner a 5k events a

benefit dance or even bowling a

co-worker who likes you is going to be

the first to sign up but only if you're

on the same signup sheet they will make

it their personal mission to get you to

attend why simply because it's almost

like a pre date for them you both get to

see each other in your normal clothes

more relaxed and with the opportunity to

do normal life things the group setting

gives less pressure as your co-worker

tries to get a feel for the vibe you two

have together

if you both have a great time it could

even be a sign that a one-on-one day

would just be as fun who knows

number ten other co-workers make

comments about the two of you if Karen

from the other side of the building

has made a comment about you and your

coworker she's probably just nosy

she's just being Nick Aaron but if Karen

Mike and Jane have all mentioned

something about you and your coworker

something is up your coworker might have

picked up on something you've been blind

to sometimes in the business of work and

denial we simply don't see the signs of

affection because they've blended into

the background when multiple people

mention it however the source could be

clearer your coworker likes you and

everyone seems to know it except for you

overall if your co-worker has checked

off more than a couple of these signs

chances are that they are suppressing

some strong feelings for you I mean can

you blame them I'm sure you're a catch

even so remember my warning mixing

business and romance is a sticky

situation make sure to think through all

of the scenarios your work romance may

bring is it worth the risk if the answer

is yes then maybe you're the co-worker

with the crush keep it professional in

the workplace but try to get to know

each other after work hours also keep it

under wraps to avoid any workplace

gossip because you don't want anything

blowing up in your face down the road if

the sparking knocks between the two of

you who knows you may end up as a new

power couple but anyways if you have any

crazy or funny stories you want to share

let me know I still read most of my

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catch you all later bye