How to avoid a contested divorce

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a lot of people expect there to be some

sort of debate about perhaps the

finances all the children in divorce but

you can actually contest the whole

divorce proceedings themselves now this

can be as fundamental as perhaps saying

I don't want to get divorced but more

typically it's that you don't like the

reasons for the divorce or perhaps you

want it to be seen as being their fault

the reality is that the court isn't

really going to be interested in what

the reasons for the divorce are and even

if your partner has walked out on you

has been having an affair for many years

it's not really going to make much of a

difference what a contested divorce will

do is cost you an awful lot more in

terms of money and time and we've

generally recommend that you don't go

down that route for those particular

reasons if you're the person starting

the process the best ways to avoid a

divorce becoming contested is to make

sure your spouse knows that you're

intending to start the process off and

then make sure you send draft documents

in advance and lodging them at the court