How to avoid a collision.

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rear-end collisions are one of the most

common accidents caused by driver


the mobile eye system continuously scans

an area in front of you vehicle

detecting all types of vehicles in your

pattern including motorcycles the system

calculates the relative speed and in

critical situations issues both the

visual and auditory warning of an

impending collision with the vehicle

ahead the system can provide a warning

of up to two point seven seconds before

impact both during city and highway

driving maintaining a safe following

distance between your vehicle and the

one ahead of you is critical if the

vehicle ahead suddenly breaks a safe gap

in distance allows you to stop in time

and avoid a collision

the mobilized system monitors the

distance between your vehicle and the

one ahead of you at all times and in all

weather conditions the mobile eye system

provides a precise real-time indication

of the distance in seconds when the

relative distance becomes unsafe it

alerts you with the visual and auditory


to suit your needs the system may be

collaborated to issue warnings at

different ranges of distance unintended

lane departure is the leading cause of

serious accidents a fatal collision can

occur within a split second

the mobile eye system is able to detect

lane markings and can identify when your

vehicle departs from this driving lane

the mobilized system recognizes when the

vehicle begins to drift from its lane

without the use of the turn signal and

issues an immediate visual and auditory

warning prompting the driver to return

focus to the wheel

during nighttime blinding high beams of

approaching vehicles are a dangerous and

annoying experience the globalized

system helps you use your high beams

efficiently and will prevent you from

blinding others the system will detect

oncoming traffic and will automatically

switch your high beams quickly and

accurately Mobileye our vision your