Paypal Chargebacks | How To Win Every Dispute

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in this video I'm gonna teach you three

super simple yet rock-solid ways to

protect yourself against and win those

dreaded PayPal chargeback disputes now a

lot of people aren't talking about this

so it's time to reveal the secret sauce

let's get to it what's going on guys MIB

edamame calm as always I appreciate you

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now this video is going to be incredibly

important to all of you guys that deal

with digital goods whether you be a

graphic designer

whether you be a music producer

songwriter that deals with a reference

vocals anything that you're selling

online drum kits for instance if you're

going through PayPal for anything you're

gonna need to go get a pen and paper or

get your phone ready to take some notes

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like I said in the intro this video is

gonna be all about chargebacks

protecting yourself against them winning

a chargeback dispute and it's all

through PayPal so if you don't know what

a chargeback is I'll run you through the

quick and dirty explanation so a

chargeback is when someone who bought

something from you claims that they

didn't buy it from you claims that you

didn't fulfill your end of the bargain

or even claims that someone fraudulently

used their Carter or their account so to

give you a quick example of how this

usually works I'll just run you through

a basic scenario that a lot of my music

producer friends can relate to if you

haven't you know god bless you it's

something that none of us ever want to

deal with but if we've been in the game

long enough you certainly will run

across that at some point so for this

example let's say that you're selling

beats online you're selling

instrumentals something that a lot of us

can relate to you're selling beats for

$25 and someone buys three of the

for $75 easy math they tell PayPal three

days later that they didn't authorize

that charge or maybe they call their

bank directly and say hey I didn't buy

that I need my money back well PayPal

isn't really good with asking questions

before they just take action I love you

PayPal but at the same time you have a

lot of room of room for improvement in

this regard what PayPal will then do is

take the money out of your account sight

unseen let's say that seventy five

dollars is already spent you needed it

for a phone bill I know a lot of you

guys can relate to this as soon as you

get the money a lot of times as

independent music producers we need it

for something whether it be rent whether

it be that phone payment whether it be

keeping the internet hot which we

absolutely need for as part of our

business so this particular [ __ ]

tells PayPal that I never authorized

that charge PayPal will immediately file

a charge back through the system there's

a process but it's very easy it's like

really don't have to show any proof you

just say I didn't I didn't buy that and

then PayPal will take the money right

out of your account like I just

mentioned um that from there it's up to

us as the Creator as us as the business

owner to prove that we did deliver on

our end of the promise and that we did

you know supply them with whatever they

purchased whether it beats drum kits

graphic design services whatever this

really relates to a lot of non tangible


it does also absolutely relate to

physical products but this videos

particularly is for digital products now

what PayPal does from there is they

notify you of the charge back you have X

amount of days to respond and kind of

plead your case it's like a very skewed

justice system it's very easy to lose

chargebacks as a content creator because

a lot of times the digital thing it's

really hard to grow lakes it's really

hard to state your case when there's

nothing physical you know there's this

cop like if I sold this cup to you and

then you'd then have the cup I have a

tracking number and all that stuff so

it's it's easier to track this than it

is this idea music so PayPal a lot of

times rules in the favor of the buyer

which is absolutely unjust it's absolute

[ __ ] when it comes to you being

ripped off now that's the quick and

dirty aspect of this if you're watching

this video you might be dealing with

this as we speak or this might be a fear

that you should genuinely be concerned

in your business because revenue in

should stay revenue in it should rotate

build the business once you're getting

orders especially when you're getting a

significant amount of orders let's say

that you're doing 10 beats a day at $25

is 24 $250 well imagine if you were

getting multiple chargeback backs each

week that's really a game and a lot of

time that you just don't have to be to

be chasing money that is yours after all

from people that are let's just say a

little bit a little bit less than honest

so I'm gonna run through these three

things very quickly so I need you to

take notes if you need to watch this

video over and over again absolutely do

so protect yourself people don't be

taken advantage of I'm also going to

write a full-blown article a blog

article that will be up avenge I say

eventually I have a backlog of things

I'm actually working on screen savers

back here right now but I'm getting the

blog articles ready for the Adam Ivey

composts and I'm gonna go into more

depth in that post but this video will

be more than enough content to really

protect yourself now like I said three

things that I recommend you do every

single time you get a sale I don't care

if you get one sale a week or 20 sales a

day it doesn't take long

don't be lazy protect yourself the first

step is very easy it's very simple it's

a common sense type tactic but it's

contact them directly via email I want

you to type up a couple different

templates that you could copy and paste

into an email thanking them directly but

asking them a question something along

the lines of and I'm just freestyling

off the top my head it would be you know

hey I really appreciate you buying this

beat from me I don't know if you saw the

other beats that I uploaded what made

you buy this beat you know what when is

the project coming out ask them

something to get them to respond this is

going to show that there they intended

on buying the beat they intended I'm

buying the digital product so if you're

a graphic designer and you did a design

for someone ask them what they think

about it

get that verbal you know through email

it's not verbal but get that response

showing that they had intent to by

showing that they liked what they

received showing that they interacted

with you when defending yourself against

the chargeback think of it as going to

court small claims courts civil court


it might only be $25 it might be $20 it

might be $2,000 you got to protect

yourself and you got to show evidence

you got to give them a body of proof to

show that what

they're claiming this person says oh I

didn't buy that this person says oh that

wasn't me well how was it not you when

you emailed me back and we talked a

little bit about what you're working on

as far as the project and all that stuff

second of all there's another layer to

this tactic and that's rapport that's

building that a little bit of

communication that's building that

friendship that found was somebody think

about it if you reach out with a very

friendly email I'm not talking generic

you have to personalize so if somebody

bought two beats from you say oh you

know that beat was one of my favorites I

really appreciate you supporting me um

that's gonna build a little bit of

rapport a person's gonna be a lot less

likely to do a chargeback on you when

you had communication with them now

granted will everybody respond to these

will everybody if somebody had that

malice in them to begin with if somebody

had this this intention to begin with

they might not respond but these are

tactics that you have to put in play and

do your part to show that you're really

trying to have some communication with

these people and to go deeper into the

thought I just started when you're

talking to somebody one-on-one when you

reach out when you take a little bit of

extra effort you're giving them that

customer service you're giving that them

that experience right a person that

might rip you off and is on the fence

with it or let's say that they have a

phone bill let's do and they're just

broke they invested in themselves but

the only option they see you know uh

feasible is by doing a chargeback and

getting that money back I know it's not

right and a lot of times that money's

held up so it doesn't really work for

them in the long run anyway but if

they've already talked to you if they've

built that rapport with you if they say

this guy is a really nice guy that moral

conscious my conscience might come into

play and they say you know what I'm not

and you know you could say Adam that's

some hippy [ __ ] this is not how the

world works

trust me this is how the world works

some for a lot of people if a person

feels like you care about them they're

not gonna rip you off as easily as

somebody that's like oh they're just

doing a business it's the psychology of

it guys you really have to put that into

play and that's why I always suggest the

first step being that customized email

to try to get a response and do a little

bit of a little bit of conversation with

your customers every single one of them

alright so that was step one now step

two in protecting yourself and winning a

pending charge back against you is

showing a digital receipt of proof of

delivery of the good that you sold this

person that is claiming that you didn't

now you might be thinking to yourself

Adam I

he sent them to beat via email isn't

that good enough well unfortunately in

this day and age it's not whether you're

sending a design whether you're sending

a beat or a drum kit or whatever digital

and emails not good enough unless you

have a digital receipt that kicks back

through a third-party service I like we

transfer we transfers free up to two

gigs you could send pretty much anything

you want and they're gonna kick back not

only an email saying that you sent it to

them but they're also gonna send you an

additional follow-up email when that

person downloads it it's gonna go right

to their email it's gonna say you know

ABC at AOL that's funny ABC at aol.com

downloaded whatever you sent them you

could take a screenshot of that you know

print screen' or whatever and also

include that in your charge back

evidence per se and that's gonna show

that the person I'll sign note side note

I have to put this in there always send

the digital goods to the email

associated with that PayPal account so

many times people lose chargebacks

because you know let's just

I'll use my name Adam at aol.com sent me

payment but then they send you a quick

message and say hey whatever send it to

the studio like they always try to use

some deceptive [ __ ] send it to the

studio I have a session there and then

they'll give you a different email if

you send the goods to a different email

it's way easier for them to win so don't

do that say hey I'm sorry this is my

policy I send it to the email that is

associated with who paid me and from

there you can forward it do whatever you

have to do but this is how I do it I do

things now if you use a service like err

bit I'm not associated at all with there

but though I have used that in the past

that works fantastic a lot of people out

there use it if you're a ter bit and

want to talk to me about promoting your

services on my channel contact

information is in the description box

below but anyway guys when you use a

service like err but it's all automated

right so you have a store and that's why

you pay the monthly fee to use them as a

service is because your stores available

online there's different purchasing

options for your customers there's

different listening options for your

customers and they could buy it directly

from your store with instant

downloadable access rate it's sent

directly to them and you get a receipt

from that through air bet so shout out

to err but for having that backend

capability which you can also use as a

digital receipt

in the chargeback process so I really

hope you guys are taking notes I'm

dead-ass serious this is something that

you need to understand and something

that you need to implement in your

business I'm gonna recap step one is

writing an email with some type of

response getting that correspondence

going and getting that conversation

going with your customer to the email

that they paid from to the email that

you delivered to step two is having a

digital receipt from sending them the

product that they paid for now that can

be through we transfer that could be

through any service that's gonna kick

back and prove that they downloaded

whatever it is that you sent to them now

I hope you made it this far because step

number three is that secret sauce that

you've been waiting for this is a

completely unconventional something that

blew my mind when I found out about it

through one of my friends and other

people have been using it with immense

success when it comes to this chargeback

disputes that's sending them a physical

product now I know that this sounds

unconventional it sounds

counterintuitive it sounds expensive to

be quite honest but it's not this is

going to be a easy way to kind of

solidify your win when it comes to a

chargeback dispute now before I explain

this to you and give you all the details

and run you through it full disclaimer I

have to say that because of legal

reasons none of these steps whether it

be individual or all three combined are

going to give you a 100% chance of

winning the disputes obviously that's in

PayPal's hands but I will tell you this

that hands down doing these three steps

in conjunction doing them all together

with every single sale it's gonna give

you a ton of peace of mind it's gonna

work you through the chargeback process

way easier way faster and your chances

of winning are like I'm not gonna say

airtight but they're significantly

higher you're gonna get your money back

a lot faster and this is really gonna

cover your ass this is like bookkeeping

on the back end now like I said step

number three is sending your customer a

physical product it might not make sense

at first but think about it

one reason that us as sellers we lose

charge back disputes via PayPal it's we

don't have any real proof besides maybe

the the digital receipt or even the

email that we did business with this

individual or that they received what we

had sent them but there's a weird

loophole with paypal on signatures and

delivery confirmations in the physical

world like physical world is a whole

different animal so what do you do you

go get some stickers made sticker milcom

there's a bunch of different ones I'll

leave a couple of them in the


below I'm not affiliated with them at

all have some stickers made with your

logo or a saying that you say have some

cheap silicone wristbands I'll put a

link in the description box below to try

to help you all with that - not

affiliated I'm not getting any kickback

on that get something cheap mate spend

$100 $50 $20 whatever you can afford to

get some physical products now what do

you do you buy a stack of little mailer

envelopes or maybe just a regular you

know a standard size letter envelope and

some stamps or maybe not because you're

gonna have to go to the post office for

this and every single person that buys a

digital product from you you send them a

thank-you letter

handwritten or you could print something

off and just sign it

thanking them for their business because

not only is it gonna be service after

the sale it's gonna save your ass

because this is why you go to the post

office and it's so light that it's gonna

be extremely cheap to send I think it's

only gonna cost you between like a

dollar 30 to 250 maybe and in the grand

scheme of things that's the cost of

insurance to do this so you send them

the the physical product and you require

a signature a they're not gonna be

expecting it B they're gonna have to

sign for it

C gonna be able to show PayPal that you

delivered something now the buyer could

say well they just send me a sticker no

no that's not in the conversation

anymore you sent them something that

they signed for and if they said that

they didn't buy anything from you then

why would they sign for something that

she sent them they're not gonna be

expecting it you don't send him an email

telling them be sure to expect the uh

you know the stickers I'm about to send

you it's not like a promoted thing you

just do it now if someone buys let's say

you're living in America and someone

buys a beet from you in France or

whatever I say France cuz I actually got

ripped off from somebody in France years

ago you can still send them something

though it's gonna cost you a lot more so

it might not be worth it but when it

comes to the overall sales and let's say

you're living in France and the majority

of your customers are in America this

might not be the greatest tactic so I

would say stick the first two but go to

your postal service and find out how

much that would cost because a lot of

times you can get postcard rates on just

anything and then a signature required

signature is only like thirty five cents

more at least here

State so just find out what you're

dealing with now it's really that easy

you can make it more complicated if you

want to but it's all about communication

it's all about proving your side of the

case to PayPal when you show them that

you've been talking to the individual

when you show them that you have a

digital receipt for them downloading

whatever you had sent them and when you

could show them that they signed

physically signed for something that was

sent to their address it's a lot easier

it's a lot more of an open-and-shut case

to show PayPal like yeah you clearly

bought that you're not you're not

pulling the wool over my eyes now like I

said if you're already in the middle of

a chargeback dispute I'm sorry good luck

hopefully you have at least one or two

of the three things covered to show

PayPal and I really hope you win but

when it comes to being a creator when it

comes to being a business owner trying

to build your brand every dollar counts

so when bad people are ripping off good

people I just don't stand for it and I

really hope that these three steps

protect you in the future in fact I know

they will so one more time step one is

confirmation and conversation via email

step two is a digital receipt of some

sort showing that they downloaded it

showing that it was delivered to their

email that's associated with the PayPal

account that you got paid through in

step three is a physical signature don't

just ship it out via the USPS or

shipping it out via mail in your mailbox

you need to go to the post office and

have them add signature required and

just like that

super simple super effective as far as

protecting yourself as a creator

protecting yourself as a seller through

PayPal I know it might be a little

inconvenient depending on where you live

depending on if the post office is you

know a drive but it's an insurance

policy what's more inconvenient losing a

couple bucks and maybe like a half an

hour hour of your time or losing twenty

five fifty one hundred a thousand and

maybe that's a policy that you enact you

only do this for sales over fifty

dollars you know it's up to you guys I'm

just here to try to help you protect

yourself and I want to see you guys

winning more chargeback disputes and

what that being said I want to know how

many of you guys have made it this far

in the video so in the comments below if

you're still with me type I am protected

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