HOW TO CUT THE CORD: How We Cut Out Cable & Satellite & Still Watch Everything - Including SPORTS!

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hey guys Jason over here at coffee or

form I'm gonna let you know how we watch

anything we want to watch without cable

stay tuned so I don't know three years

ago I think it's been longer than three

years but I got tired of paying Kate or

we had said like where we are because

we're kind of rule we didn't we thought

we can't get cable here and get cable

here but I got tired of paying that bill

cuz I mother-in-law's house is kind of

running off sweet here that's right next

to ours

and so what we're doing was is you know

we had two houses and it was running

right at a hundred and seventy-five

dollars a month y'all do all the same

thing just click click click click

against one spot and Queen works only

occasionally click click click click

click through all those 400 channels

nothing though the only thing that was

there that was holding me up from from

cutting the cord was was sports I'm a

sports fan especially here in the

southeast you know college football is

king finally I said you know what the

heck with it I will figure out a way and

that's exactly what we did I could at

all save that $175 a month and it's

something y'all made me doing this I

don't know but I get asked a lot

especially here from the from from my

friends and local people once they found

out that we don't have cable or

satellite you know how are y'all doing

it this is how we're doing it

number one we bought an external big ol

antenna and I mounted it mounted it to

my chili and we're done in a hole in a

wooded forest area and I still get

all the local channels all of them NBC

ABC Fox CBS I get I get all those

channels and they're absolutely free and

they're all in HD

if that does that mean it means anything

to you that was my number one thing and

what I had to do was is as a bottle of

system and has

had a booster up top but as I started

splitting off because we have TVs at our

house and then a mother-in-law has TVs

in her house the signal started dropping

down so I had to buy another booster but

all of it was really really easy to do

it honestly was I bought a bracket for

the chimney a pole for the antenna mound

it brute was down in there when I turned

it only have a Turner I mean you can buy

a Turner to turn it antenna but we

didn't have a Turner we have a point in

one direction where I can get all the

signals and we watch all the locals for

absolutely free now I did I did buy them

the stuff it's been a while you know

three years or so but it was somewhere

around I want to say close to $350 for

all of it somewhere in there it may be a

little bit more but not much more

but around 350 to 400 dollars which was

right at 2 months of cable so I was like

it's well worth it so about that

installed it on myself I mean we even

get PBS PBS hasn't several channels now

they got PBS one two three and I think

it's for one of them is a like a like a

cooking Network that shows that for real

cooking shows it's not competitions II

you know kinda like Food Network used to

be has PBS KIDS which our daughter just

loves and it's free totally free then

what I did was this is a bottling box


Roku now there's several out there now

but at the time there were a thing or

only two was Apple TV and Roku what I

like about Roku was is it was so simple

to set up matter of fact our first one

for the Roku Tuesday I think it's a Roku

3 now and you got the Roku stick which

we have all those um but care to stick

with us in our camper but the Roku is

its Internet TV and it's basically like

looking at an iPad or your iPhone it's

at and you'll see your apps on there

with your your channels and there's a

gazillion channels on roku uh gazillion

I won't go through all I do is the main

ones and I'm sure you've all heard of


clicks which we always subscribe to

which is the worst 789 I think it's 999

now and there's hulu hulu we do back and

forth from time to time

but we don't always subscribe to hulu

but it's somewhere around the same

neighborhood but typically we just have

Netflix and our antenna so I went from

$175 to now

$9.99 so 10 bucks and we did not miss a

beat everybody's gotten on board now

everybody HBO has a channel now $15 a

month Game of Thrones fans can subscribe

to HBO for $15 a month you could be in

to watch your Game of Thrones and

canceling Amazon Prime is a great one

where Amazon Prime members already and

if you're an Amazon Prime member you get

o of the Amazon Prime movies and TV

shows and there's a ton of them on there

for free for being an Amazon Prime

member and that's all on your Roku and

I'm sure Apple TV's the same way now you

got a chromecast you got the fire stick

my hands on I'm sure there's some more

out there the game changer or sling TV

for $25 a month that's the sports

package 25 hours a month you get

whatever comes in that pack kitchen it's

several channels on their history AME

HDTV food who does that look and see but

the game changer was ESPN all the ESPN

Zone there all the history is on this

the only channel on offense on there is

ESPN Classic but all of them the SEC

network the ACC Network the pac-12

network $25 a month sports season or

college football season I pay the $25

and then and the Netflix which is Tim

books so basically $35 a month and I can

watch anything that I want watch and my

family can watch anything they want to

watch and honestly we don't watch that

much TV once we get rid of it we do not

watch that much TV and once we got rid

of it I was already listening to podcast

but I really got a addicted to podcast

not tell you the last time I sat down

and watched a show or a watched a movie

I just don't watch TV I do listen a lot

of podcast and podcast are free it's an

app on your phone

podcast type in something that you're

interested in and I'm sure there's a

podcast out there that you can listen to

yeah that's how we do it that's how we

do it absolutely I don't spend no more

than $35 a month to watch any sports

basically I want to watch and regular TV

which is free with the antenna and

Netflix or Hulu and there's some Muslims

I know there's crackle um everybody show

times in it now these new years fixing

to come out with their own thing is what

I read recently so you're gonna see this

this is this is just where it's headed

to I think anyways I just wanted to put

that out there I've been one of these

video cuz I get asked this about a lot a

lot by a lot of my buddies I get asked

this a lot by all the locals I just

wanted to explain how we do it and yeah

that's how we do it so I hope you like

this video I hope it was helpful to you

guys uh I know you may see I got a great

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wonderful day hey we'll catch y'all in

next one be good


I used to think table baking just meant

cable TV that was until I signed up for

FM stereo service now I get MPD in

stereos down