7 Tips to Reduce Your Breast Cancer Risk

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here are seven tips that can help you

reduce your risk of developing breast

cancer learn to care for yourself the

way you care for others you deserve it

follow a balanced diet containing the

main food groups and eat whole grain

foods such as whole wheat flour oatmeal

and brown rice take a daily multivitamin

while limiting alcohol intake and

saturated or trans fat intake begin an

exercise program and be active at least

three times per week examine the

stresses in your life and find ways to

reduce them if possible meditating daily

exercising regularly and participating

in yoga can help reduce stress going to

your annual physical provides an

opportunity for your doctor to establish

baseline information to compare with

future physical exams because even small

changes can indicate potentially serious

problems an annual physical can detect

an illness before it begins or during

early stages of development perform

monthly breast self-exams and contact

your physician immediately if you feel

anything abnormal developing lasting

relationships with friends and family

has shown to have a positive effect on

health and longevity tap into a support

network such as your friends family

spouse or partner spiritual community or

even online discussion groups for more

information visit schedule your mamo com