How To Stop A Breakup Before It Happens

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hi I'm coach Natalie thank you so much

for tuning in to our youtube channel of

advice TV this channel is something that

we create with you with in collaboration

with my amazing partners coach Adrian

Alex and Steven for you guys are at home

to help you coach yourselves and

navigate through Deborah's that you're

facing independent of any of any

personal coaching it's to give you the

tools you need to handle this alone we

believe that you can and so we have so

many hundreds of videos here for you to

help answer whatever problem it is say

you're facing so this video is about

ways to prevent to break up break up

preventive measures if you notice that

things are going wrong how can you

correct them before the results no

breakup it's a really good question and

believe it or not there's so many things

that you can do to prevent the breakup

from happening and it starts by

listening to yourself and listening to

the partner a lot of the times we know

that there's an issue in our

relationship maybe they've mentioned

something and if we feel something but

we can ignore it because it is kind of

one of us sweep under the rug you notice

it may be a magically going away on its

own believe it or not it's just not the

way it works if you don't put work into

your relationship your relationship will

never work for you I encourage you to

take a moment now and maybe read a list

of all the issues that you're facing in

your relationship could it be

communication could it be ninis could it

be so the black of socialising maybe too

much socializing could it be dry advices

alcohol drugs take a moment over the ask

yourself what is happening in this

relationship what's going wrong and then

incorporate solutions to fixing it there

are so many tips and tools that we have

for you here on this channel and on our

website that can help you create those

solutions without knowing the uniqueness

in your situation it's gonna be

challenging for me to recommend things

for you here but what I will tell you is

just about every problem that you've got

is fixable and you need to believe it

and all you have to do start working on


if you haven't already one of the more

common things I see in terms of ways to

prevent a breakup is incorporating a

really healthy sense of communication a

lot of times we want our partners to

kind of mind-read we assume that they're

capable of figuring out what it is that

we're feeling without mentioning it or

maybe we already mentioned things when

were frustrated and the problem with

that is that when we mention you when

we're frustrated we lack empathy we tend

to be angry we had to be pissed

we're frustrated right and the last

thing we want to do is listen to what

our partners are saying we want to

express ourselves we want to let them

know how we feel and then we want to

drop it and that's it that's not the way

it works this is a two-way street

dialogue and if you want your

relationship to evolve and you want to

prevent your relationship from

collapsing then you need to give it some

TLC and you need to listen to what it's

telling you if your partner is telling

you why are you always late why are you

so thoughtless

why aren't you giving me the attention I

need ask yourself can I be a little bit

more early can I start considering my

partner more can I give him a bit woman

attention maybe there's a way for you to

incorporate a date night maybe there's a

way for you to spend more time with

close friends maybe you guys want to try

a brand new activity but the two of

you've never tried together it's all

about believing that your relationship

can grow and it can change don't believe

that the issues in your relationship are

here to stay don't believe that you'll

never be able to turn the issues around

because that's just not the truth and if

you believe that you're signing up to

fail you're forcing your relationship to

collapse it's like adding weight to a

shaky table the legs will buckle and it

will cave in and then you're gonna be

watching videos on how to get your ex

back there's so many ways to prevent

these issues from from really

permanent collapse today starts with you

really just listening if there's one tip

I could give you to walk away from with

this video it's to listen ask your

partner what they're feeling if you see

your partner a little frustrated ask

them why and really think about it if

that means I get to set so for instance

something I just told the client in one

of my coaching sessions earlier today

actually is her boyfriend finds that she

neglects him and never asks him about

what's happening in his life and she

says coach not me I don't mean to not

ask I just forget it

I'm just doing stuff I'm busy so what we

decided was to fur her to add an alarm

on her phone every Wednesday and every

Saturday one time and another time she's

gonna get a little beep that says ask

him how work was ask him how I was


ask him what he wants to do and then

over time those alarms won't be needed

anymore they'll become muscle memories

and she'll be able to ask him on her own

he will start to feel how receptive

she's being he will start to feel her

change and consequently the relationship

that it's dynamic will completely change

everything will be better at least that

part will be better and it's a start

don't wait for your relationship to fall

apart before trying to move it back

together prevent that from happening

by by really listening by incorporating

solutions and by inquiry and consistency

anything you decide to start to salvage

this relationship you must keep in

practice if you say what's a good

example let's say your partner says you

don't know whatever exercise with me you

can't go to one yoga class and say well

I did it that one time last May

you're gonna start you have to start and

I encourage you to whatever it is that

you decide to commit to I encourage you

to give it at least 90 days of complete

consistency at the end of the 90 days

reevaluate the situation to see how your

ex is feeling your partner's feeling see

how does your feeling see if this is

working for you maybe you realize we

honey I don't like yoga but maybe we can

go to a boxing class for instance but it

shows some that you tried and it shows

them that you're listening and it shows

them that you're trying to collaborate

because that's not a partnership it's

it's an endless collaboration between

two people and what we want to do is

showcase to your partner that you have

the tools and you have the dedication to

make them happy long term without

compromising your own happiness I

encourage you to try these tips I

encourage you to think about the issues

in their relationship I encourage you to

incorporate some solutions and maintain

them for 90 days now let's see where

you're at you know I encourage you to

please leave a comment in this section

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