How To Make A Boring Relationship Fun Again | Learn How To Fix A Boring Relationship

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My name is Coach Natalie and I'm a relationship coach and I've dedicated my

entire life toward helping people just like you stay HAPPILY COMMITTED.

This video in particular is how to spice up a boring relationship. I think most people

in a long term relationship or marriage can agree that it's not always fireworks

and rainbows and unicorns and long walks on the beach and exciting moments.

Sometimes it's pretty boring. Sometimes you're in a relationship and your -

you look over at your partner and you're like, "You're still here? We're still doing

this? We're not having fun anymore." But if you're watching this video, it's because

you want to. If you're watching this video it's because you want to make a

boring relationship less boring. And if you are here, I am here to help. When it

comes to making a relationship less boring, there are three things to consider.

One, you are half of this relationship. So if this relationship is

boring, it's because you're boring. It's because you're not trying and it's

because maybe other things have gotten in the way of you having a good time.

If you want to make your relationship less boring, it starts with you. It starts with

the way you choose to spend your time. So my first tip or recommendation with how

to make a boring relationship less boring is by not being boring yourself.

I invite you to make a bucket list for yourself. Make a list of goals that

you've been meaning to accomplish. Now is the time to pick up new hobbies,

incorporate new activities, try new things. If you, as 50% of the relationship,

are not boring, your relationship can't be boring. And this leads perfectly into

tip number two.

Tip number two is to lead by example. If you are not boring, it will inspire your

partner to be less boring. It will inspire your partner to accompany you on

all of these adventures, on the journey, on the fun! And so if you want your

relationship to be less boring you need to show it how to be less boring.

When it comes to dating time is credibility. The longer you do something, the more real it is.

The longer you do something the more permanent it becomes. So if you say,

"Well, listen, Coach Natalie, I am a really busy person. I have a lot of work,

I'm overworked, I have kids, I am tired, I don't have the time." Make the time.

I want you to make a list of your priorities in order of urgency. Where does your

relationship fall on this list? If it falls high up the list - number one, number

two, number three - then make the time to make it work because the health of your

relationship depends on you making this time.

Tip number three on how to make a

boring relationship less boring. Stick to your changes. If you try something once

and give up on it, you might as well just throw in the

towel on this attempt. So when you start something, maintain it. Commit to changing.

Commit to being less boring, and then give your relationship the opportunity

to catch up. It may not happen overnight. If you all of a sudden got a motorcycle

and picked up a couple new hobbies, it's not gonna turn your relationship around

overnight. These things take time. So if you're serious about incorporating these

tips. If you're serious about making your relationship less boring,

stick to the plan of making it less boring. Let's start with 60 days.

Two months of you as 50% of the relationship not being boring. If your partner in the

beginning says, "Well listen, honey, you go do your thing.

I'm not gonna join you because I'm too - still too tired, and I'm so overworked,

and I don't have the time," don't bug them in the beginning. Don't beg them, or get

frustrated with them, and say, "Well you are keeping us boring." Let them watch you

transform. And this will automatically and organically inspire them to

transform with you. And to transform the relationship into something that is less

boring with you. So it's not about making them do it. It's about them doing it all

by themselves. Them wanting to join you on this journey, together, without you

having to pull teeth. I know right now many of you might be watching this video

saying, "That's just not possible, this isn't gonna work."

Don't knock it till you try it! As a relationship coach who has personally

coached over a thousand people on relationship recovery, I would like to

challenge that scoff! I'd like to challenge you when you say that it's not

gonna work. Give it your all. Start with 60 days, and let me know how it goes.

I invite you to leave a comment under this video. I'd love to hear about the things

that you've tried to spice up your relationship, to make it less boring. What

has worked, what hasn't worked, what would you do differently. I'm here to read

about what's going on, I am here to help. Adrian and I have committed our lives

to keeping you HAPPILY COMMITTED so invite us in, let us know what's going on,

let us know how we can help and visit happilycommitted.com to learn more

about our offerings, and how you can turn your relationship around just by turning

you around. Thanks for tuning in. I am Coach Natalie. And I look forward to

connecting with you soon.