WHY BAD TRIPS HAPPEN & How To Avoid Them (or heal)

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I'm sure most of you guys have heard me

talking about all the fantastic benefits

of using psychedelics

for example the positive effects are not

limited to spiritual awakenings you know

God like religious type experiences the

ability to quit other addictive harmful

drugs like cigarettes and alcohol or

just having an overall sense of peace in

your everyday life that you didn't have

but what you don't hear me commonly

speak about is some of the potential

that psychedelics have to cause

destructive life shattering experiences

I know a lot of you guys are afraid of

bad trips I know there's a lot of people

watching who have been scared off of

psychedelics because they've had one

extremely frightening event that just

shook them up so hard that their life

maybe was never the same maybe they feel

more anxiety in their everyday life

maybe increase their amount of paranoia

maybe they're struggling right now maybe

you're struggling right now with how to

overcome a bad trip because you want to

say revisit psychedelics because you

think there's more to learn there well

what I'm going to do with this video is

try to help you guys out first of all

bad trips are very easy to prevent this

is why I have videos like my how-to

series I cover everything from LSD

mushrooms DMT even MDMA I explain to you

guys how to use them safely to pretty

much avoid bad trips having a trip

sitter is pretty much the number one

thing being in a good set and setting is

also well probably more important than a

trip sitter so there's a lot of things

that I've already talked about in order

to avoid bad trips so I do need to

include that here I also need to let you

guys know that bad trips are extremely

uncommon it's more likely that you are

going to have a positive experience or

at the very least it's more likely that

well not every trip is 100% positive

sometimes there's dark and light aspects

to every experience but it's more likely

that you're going to find more lights

you're going to find more positivity in

your experience than negativity I wanted

to point that out because I don't want

this video to scare anyone away from

using psychedelics I want to display

psychedelics in the most accurate light

possible and in order to do that I have

to touch on both the positive aspects of

them and the negative aspects of them

because if we're being realistic there

have been cases of people doing say

mushrooms or LSD and afterwards their

life has been much much worse than

before they took it fortunately for you

watching I'm the kind of psychonaut who

likes to experience every aspect of

psychedelics so I have my fair share of

terrifying trips I had one trip that was

so scary that I didn't take a

psychedelic again for a solid year I've

been to hell and back again so I can

share with you guys my tale and

hopefully help some of you guys out

recovering or avoiding these experiences

from happening to you when I experienced

my trip which i've made a video about

called suicidal shroom trip that was

actually my first really terrifying trip

now I had had scary trips before I faced

my own death on DMT before but that was

the very first time that I felt

genuinely suicidal from a psychedelic

that trip actually caused a massive

snowball effect where in every

experience I had after that one

progressively got worse and worse and it

got to the point where because of the

one bad trip I programmed my mind to be

more paranoid and more scared so then

every trip I had after that I was

worried and I was anxious and I was

thinking well what if that happens again

and because my thoughts were going to

that direction of course you get what

you're afraid of and all of my trips

preceding that started to get really

dark terrifying and scary sometimes we

have a difficult time admitting to

ourselves what we are truly deeply

afraid of and psychedelics specifically

ones like psilocybin mushrooms are

experts at showing us our deepest

darkest fears and making us face them

without anywhere to turn to

they showed me that I've always been a

coward sure I can see the silver lining

in situations but that doesn't mean that

I don't first try to run from problems

instead of facing them I used to use

things like cigarettes and alcohol to

help me run from my problems I used to

try to mask my sadness by you know

experiencing artificial highs I'm very

thankful that I chose to face the fear

but facing my fears took more than just

you know facing my fear of a bad trip

and tripping again I had to really get

underneath the surface and really dig

deep down and find well first I had to

find what it was that the psychedelics

were showing me that I was running from

and I mean it sounds stupid like it

should be so easy we should know what

we're afraid of but sometimes we are so

good at lying to ourselves

we don't even know ourselves what it is

that we've been running from the recipe

for healing from one of these traumatic

trips is actually time and understanding

you need an adequate amount of time to

gain a greater understanding eventually

I came to terms with what my fears were

I was afraid of losing my mind on

psychedelics I was afraid I was going to

have a trip and I would never come back

and I was afraid that I just you know

lose my mind in everyday life I've

always had this underlying fear of

schizophrenia even before trying

psychedelics I had this fear of just

well yeah that was my biggest fear was

losing my mind so you think like yeah

why would I use psychedelics when that's

literally what my fear is it's almost

like I was subconsciously trying to make

me face my own fear head-on from the

get-go another fear I had was that I was

going to trip and end up killing myself

another fear I had was that I was going

to be alone this is a fear that I've had

my entire life since being very young I

was afraid that I was never going to

meet say a partner that I got along with

I was never going to find love I was

going to spend my life alone and

miserable I was deathly afraid that

there was eternal nothingness after this

life ended I was afraid that you know

all of my oh maybe there's another realm

to go to wishful thinking was really

just that it was wishful thinking and

really this life is all you get I was

afraid that yeah after finally accepting

what all of my fears were I then

proceeded to safely have a trip but I

made sure that I followed every

precaution possible

I was sure to have benzos handy and in

case I needed to escape my mind I was

sure that I was in the most comfortable

setting possible I was sure that I had a

trip sitter I was sure that my dosage

was adequate and not too powerful and

then I went into the experience with the

intent to lose my mind I went into the

experience with the intent to face

potential suicidal thoughts and to see

how I would deal with them and it wasn't

easy it wasn't like I just made it out

of that trip alive and then I was like

you know I'm healed

it was more like I made it out of that

trip alive with an even bigger laundry

list of things I needed to fix

it helped me get even

or deep into what the core issues were

it helped me get to the very root of my

problems the reason I was afraid of

going insane was because I didn't trust

my own mind and the reason that I was

afraid I would say kill myself on

psychedelics was because I lacked

discipline I didn't spend enough time

following through with what I told

myself I should be doing I spent way too

much time procrastinating I had too much

negative self-talk I'd say things like

okay tonight you're going to work out

and then I would skip my workout and

what we don't realize is when we spend

say a lifetime constantly making

promises to ourselves and then

disobeying those promises and you know

always coming up with excuses to take

the comfortable route and talking

ourselves out of doing what we know is

going to make us feel satisfied and

bring us happiness even if temporarily

it's going to make us uncomfortable when

you spend your whole life just lying to

yourself no [ __ ] you're not going to

trust your thoughts no [ __ ] you're going

to have a psychedelic experience where

you're going to be afraid that you're

going to do something that you regret

because you don't even trust your mind

when you sober so how are you going to

trust your mind when you've lost it

psychedelics just won't have it they are

going to take your lies and they're

going to show you them and they're gonna

make you see how much of a [ __ ]

[ __ ] you've been to yourself and

they're gonna make you try to spin that

around and learn and grow and become a

better person through it what I was

lacking in was discipline which I think

a lot of people especially in the

Western world lack and a lot of people

don't have such a tough love type of

teacher like psilocybin mushrooms to

really show them where they're going

wrong in life and for that I'm grateful

I'm grateful that I stumbled onto

psychedelics and through these

experiences I have healed a lot of my

sadness in life I've healed and I've

overcome a lot of fears I'm not saying

that I'm perfect now none of us are

perfect we all have quirky things and we

all have fears it's more so just

reaching a point where you are

comfortable and confident and a point

where you can just accept yourself for

who you are

are and you're not spending so much time

comparing yourself to others and always

trying to reach this ideal that that is

just impossible I had the problem of

being a perfectionist I never thought

that what I did was good enough and even

to this day I still suffer from the

sometimes I make videos and it's very

rare that I look at a video and I'm like

I am so happy with how that video turned

out no I always think I can improve

which in a sense is good it's good to

constantly be learning and constantly

improving but it becomes negative and

more destructive when you start only

focusing on the bad parts and you don't

realize the good now some people have

terrifying bad trips from psychedelics

like say the ones that I've had but

instead of using those experiences to

catapult them you know head-on to face

their problems what they do is they

start running from their problems more

and they start having a very negative

experience in life because of that I

guess what I really want to say with

this video is that I'm proof that you

can be extremely challenged to the point

of a suicidal trip and you can use those

bad trips to heal you can use those bad

trips to learn and to grow from I often

say that the bad trips although at the

time are can be shattering to your

psyche but those are the ones that

you're going to learn the most and that

you're going to benefit the most from in

the long run as long as you take the

time to integrate the experience and as

long as you accept that there might just

be some aspects of yourself that are

ugly and need to change anyway that

concludes this video I hope you guys all

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