How to Get Out of a Bad Mood

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hello everybody welcome back to my

channel it's sharzad in case you have

forgot or if you're new hi my name is

Shahrzad I wanted to share with you guys

some of my top tips for getting out of a

bad mood or getting out of a funk now

I'm normally a very happy person but

that doesn't mean that I don't get into

a bad mood and become debbie downer

meets Negative Nancy and just feel like

my world is like crumbling first thing

that I do if I'm feeling just like angry

pissed-off negative about something I

will scream or I will cuss it feels good

to just like let out some curse words or

scream and just get it out of your

system I promise you you will feel just

like almost refreshed after that or you

could scream in the shower too you know

just get your screams and your cusses

out number two blast your favorite music

whatever it is if it's Sinatra if it's

Britney if it's Bone Thugs if it's

country play music loud and like so loud

that you can't hear your own thoughts

and for me

maybe I just turn the music up so loud

and I just like dance makes me forget

about my current present bad mood and I

just like get to be taken away into like

happy music land 3 now this one may seem

like obvious or random but I'm just

gonna say it anyway and I promise you it

will help shower yes think about a

shower is like rinsing off all the

things that are bothering you I feel

like any time I'm in a bad mood if I hop

in a nice warm shower maybe I've got the

music playing maybe I'm dancing in the

shower that's a double dose for you

getting out of a bad mood it just it

feels really really good for now this

one pretty much applies mostly to women

I'm maybe some guys too but it's put on

a bright lipstick like a hot pink or a

hot red

I feel like bright colors just make you

happy you will get out of your funk if

you have like a really killer kick-ass

lipstick on and you will just look hot

and polished and put together 5 this is

a go-to guaranteed definitely a hundred

percent gonna get me out of my funk


is ready for it it's called television

no but it's not just any television it's

comedy so for me I like to watch inside

Amy Schumer broad city and my all-time

favorite thing ever is the best of Chris

Farley on SNL if Chris Farley doesn't

cheer you up and then he might need to

see like some kind of therapist or


sweet mother my next tip drink water I

feel like anytime you're feeling kind of

achy and bad and negative maybe you have

a headache and that's causing a bad mood

go and chug some good delicious

old-fashioned water you'd be surprised

at how good it actually does make you

feel if you put good things in your body

I promise you will feel better about

yourself and thus kick your funk or your

bad mood next tip get some fresh air

getting outside and taking in some deep

full breaths for me I like to ride my

bike to the ocean it's the perfect

therapy for me I can just kind of zone

out and just feel the fresh air and wind

and hear the birds chirping and see the

trees and smell the Awesome eucalyptus

on my path and it truly does put me in

the best mood next one and this one may

seem a little bit cheesy and maybe not

everybody's into it but I do think it's

really important is to make a list of

things that you are grateful for so if

you can't think of things that you're

grateful for just think about I don't

know maybe the fact that you have access

to YouTube and you can watch this video

where I'm giving you a big hug and you

can watch things like Kristen Wiig

impersonations and Chris Farley and you

can look up funny skits on YouTube all

the time that make you laugh I mean that

in itself is awesome but seriously

though make a list jot down five things

that you're really psyched about next

one is do something nice for somebody

else make it be something as simple as

sending a text to your best friend your

brother your sister and being like hey

you're awesome I know when you're

feeling bummed it's so hard to be like

oh I don't want to be freaking positive

right now you know just try it just type

a nice little text send it to your

friend your brother sister whoever if

you make somebody else happy

it's kind of a selfish thing because it

feels really really good

make somebody else happy am i right one

of the things that I love to do when I'm

feeling kind of s is I like to read

granted I don't get to read as much as I

used to now that I have little sh

machine in my life but I used to read at

least one book a month whether it was a

novel a historical fiction or a

self-help book I would throw one of

those in there every now and then

reading is very very good for your mind

I don't know about you guys but I

personally can never be in a really

really good mood if I'm in a really

messy house so I try really hard to keep

everything very clean obviously that's a

little bit more challenging if you do

have little kids but at least try and

have one space that's clean so maybe

that's your bedroom maybe you just make

your bed every day and you can have that

as your sanctuary now my last tip and

maybe one of my favorites is to take a

digital detox getting off with social

media checking out of email not looking

at my phone not even touching my phone

for an extended period of time I know

that I'm somebody that can get really

caught up and what other people are

doing I can get jealous of other people

people that I don't even know that I've

never even met to just step away from

everything you see online and just

really try and focus on yourself people

around you or maybe just yourself don't

look at your phone for an extended

period of time

don't check your emails you're not going

to miss anything you just take a few

hours or a couple days break from social

media I promise everything will still be

there when you return if you have any

great tips please feel free to leave

them in the comments below if you try

any of these and they work really well

for you also leave that in the comments

below I just want to leave you with one

more thing too if you are in a bad mood

just know that it will pass go dance

scream run breathe get some fresh air do

whatever it is to make yourself happy

and give this video thumbs up that'll

make me happy subscribe if you aren't

already and I'll see you guys next time


I think to pay off owpain maybe we'll do

a little bit less because I'm a good


I don't want furnace guys