How To Avoid a Bad Haircut

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so three ways to avoid a horrible

haircut and I think we all need these

tips don't style your hair to the day of

your appointments your stylist can

actually assess your natural texture

number two you know what that means

bring photos of your dream look I have

David Beckham on my fridge well then you

also need a photo of what you don't want

so who wouldn't you want me I suggest

gonna love it that's the style to show

you exactly what you would she intends

to do and remember that sixty percent of

people have had at least one disastrous

haircut I've looked



mom Maria my mom did this to me do you

think she hated me when she was guys

what is this

I look like the boy I had a crush on

growing up no he really he looked like

this he had the same haircut mom did you

see really hate me did you know I write

you and I are connected more than I ever

because I had I had that and we called

it we I had it was called the butt cut

that's what we cuz it was the part right

up the middle and I had it with glasses

braces rubber bands and a headgear you

and I were separated at haircuts I feel

for you this one was chickenpox because

I got the chicken pox she didn't want me

to be itchy so she cared about me and

that one this one she's got no excuse

listen it was very on trend back in the

day yeah that boy cut that hair cut in

parachute pants that was right on trend

all right we got such a


but I clearly a miserable in mine he's

like he liked yours that was a good day

for me


oh man that was good I was proud of that

custard rugby shirt I love it that was

the main thing yeah you know you know

obviously I want you to know if you put

that back up that's gell-mann's computer

screen yeah because you might have seen

the icons ba look at that that's his

that's his home screen right there it's

green sale all right