How to Pass a Background Check!

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hi my name is Robert Lee and I'm a

paralegal here at white Brecker today I

want to talk to you about how to improve

your chances of passing a background

check almost everybody is taking a

background check whether you're applying

for a job an apartment trying to

purchase a firearm or applying for a

professional license or for another


millions of Americans are subject to

background checks every year on Black

Friday alone over a hundred eighty-five

thousand background checks are performed

for the purchases of firearms in law and

approximately eighty percent of

employers conduct background checks and

although the numbers are largely

unreported a large majority of landlords

actually perform background checks on

their tenants you might be asking what

type of information is in a background

check background checks haven't become

an important part of life for most

Americans and unfortunately at least 65

million Americans will likely fail most

employment background checks due to

their criminal records however many

Americans are beginning to fail

background checks for reasons other than

their criminal records almost half of

employers now use your credit report in

their hiring process and seventy-seven

percent of employers reported using

social media to screen and recruit

potential employees in addition civil

court records driving records your

employment history and educational

backgrounds all have an integral part in

a background check there are many

elements to background checks some of

them which include criminal records

credit reports civil court records

social media also known as your web

footprint driving records professional

licenses educational backgrounds

references and the accuracy of your

application you're probably asking me

what can I do to improve my chances of

passing a background check this is what

you were watching this video for right

well our clients frequently asked what

they can do to pass a criminal

background check and while the answer to

this question is specific to each person

and there are in their situation there

are simple steps that can be taken to

improve your chances of passing a

background check

now the first you need to consider the

different factors above that we just

talked about which will cover it

individually in a second here second you

need to verify that your records are

accurate and unfortunately many studies

have found some serious errors and a

significant number of background checks

a study 12 a study back in 2012 study by

the National Consumer Law Center found

that rampant errors cost workers jobs

and skirt federal law criminal records

are the most common barrier in passing

most types of background checks a

conviction or even an arrest will

typically show up in a background check

regardless of how old it is while this

may seem unfair and must state your

criminal history remain in the public

records until you do something about it

for example if you were arrested in

Texas even for an offense which was

later dismissed your arrest record will

typically remain in the public recommend

until you take the legal action to

expunge it to make matters worse many

counties and states make these types of

records readily available to the public

without your consent or even your

knowledge there are states that have a

legal remedy to remove these records

from the public record typically

preventing them from appearing in a

background check

however these remedies are not available

in every state and the states that do

permit the removal of certain criminal

records often have complex laws and

procedures that can be difficult to

interpret without hiring an attorney and

that's what we're here for many states

have laws which permit the expungement

sealing or setting aside of certain

criminal records each state has its own

set of walls and unique terminology

however we will refer to these legal

remedies as expungements for the sake of

simplicity many states now have laws

that permit the expungement of criminal

records however each state has its own

set of qualifications and restrictions

and they can often have different

consequences when granted for an example

in California an expungement rules

in a conviction being dismissed you may

legally state that you have never been

convicted of a crime but the dismissed

charges will often appear in a

background check in contrast an

expungement in Texas applies to

circumstances where charges were

dismissed or there was not a finding of

guilt and if granted the expunged

criminal record will be destroyed and

treated as though it had never happened

if you have a criminal record that you'd

like to expunge we encourage you to take

our confidential online eligibility test

and you can find that below in our

description box to see if you qualify

for an expungement or similar criminal

record record removal service the test

is the greatest way to do that these

rules can be complex so we encourage you

to contact our experienced attorneys to

see if you qualify for an expungement

and we're happy to provide a

consultation to let you know what your

options are to remove charges from your

criminal record and even if you do not

qualify for an expungement our firm

would be happy to discuss what other

options you have in cleaning up your

criminal record if you do not currently

qualify for an expungement please don't

give up because many states are in the

process of enacting or expanding their

expungement laws and we expect to see

this trend continue in the meantime

sometimes the best way to deal with a

criminal record that cannot be expunged

is to be completely forthright and

honest with your employer there will be

some employers that will have company

policies where they cannot hire

employees with a criminal record but

this is not the case with all companies

because a background check will almost

always find a criminal record

honesty is usually the best policy now I

hope that this video has helped some of

you and if you're interested in finding

out if you're eligible for one of our

services please take our secure online

eligibility test listed in the

description box below and if you have

any other questions please visit please

visit our website at white record calm

and I hope to see you guys soon