Dressing my B Belly #1

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hi guys um I want to do a quick little

update on a live belly shot and how I

show off my belly and I do have quite a

big predominant B belly so this is meant

for those people like me who want to

show off their baby without looking just

lumpy so the things that I've found that

help our first wearing a maternity belt

underneath your a line kind of I think

that's called a line right underneath

your breast there to help show people

yes I am pregnant and that's why I'm

wearing this so I try to wear that with

almost everything I'm wearing this shirt

unfortunately came and wipe it was on

clearance at time Maternity so I'm just

working with what I have so I do wear a

gray tank top that's not maternity

underneath because the only maternity

tank tops I have are black so and my

pants my pants are from motherhood and

they are black so you'd really see it so

I try to cover that up and but the

problem is is that this particular

material kind of gets wrinkly so I don't

know how awesome it looks I don't wear

this very often but it proves my point

about what we're talking about today so

I try to make it as smooth as possible

obviously especially with layering like

that but I also look for tops that have

a lot of stretch or give at the bottom

that they don't hug in like the ones

that Roush on the side tend to hug in

and show the B be part of your belly a

little bit more so I try to find looser

ones like that this one unfortunately

does kind of go up a little bit and down

on the back which is a little bit

unfortunate but it still doesn't cling

to the part that you're trying to not

draw attention to so

finding one that kind of let's go at

your largest point is helpful so that's

one thing that I look for this is the

belly from the front and also this one

has in the back opening to help with the

looseness of the front part of it so I

hope that was helpful for you ladies and

thanks for watching bye