How To Pay A Notice of Toll Evasion

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Traveling through Orange County has never been easier and faster than with The Toll


Take the 73 to John Wayne Airport, the 133 to the Irvine Business District, or the 241

or 261 to to the desert or mountains or just to shorten your commute.

The best part is we make The Toll Roads easy to use with convenient all-electronic tolling.

This means no cash is needed and no stops on your drive.

So, how do you pay?

Drivers have the option to set up a pre-established account through TheTollRoads.com or the free


If you don’t have an account, then you simply need to go online and provide your vehicle

information and pay the tolls within 5 days.

No account is needed.

Forgot to pay within the 5 days?

No worries!

We know mistakes happen.

Just wait for a notice of toll evasion to come in the mail within 5 to 7 business days.

Once you get the notice, you’ll see the information on the vehicle license plate,

date, time and location of the toll, as well as how much to pay.

Paying online is simple and easy, but you can also pay cash at participating 7-Eleven

locations nationwide.

To pay online, go to TheTollRoads.com, click on toll violation and enter your reference

number and violation number.

If it’s your first time receiving a notice of toll evasion, as a first time only curtesy,

the penalty is waived and you only have to pay the toll amount.

If you have an account with The Toll Roads and received a notice of toll evasion, it’s

most likely because the license wasn’t registered to your account.

That’s an easy fix.

Just log in to your account and update your vehicle information and start date and the

violation penalty will clear.

Now, remember it’s important to pay a notice of toll evasion before the due date, or you

will incur additional fees and possibly have your DMV registration placed on hold, as allowed

by law.

But, let’s not let it get to that.

While you’re online, be ready for your next trip by signing up for a Toll Roads account


Never worry about forgetting to pay again.

It’s quick and easy!

We hope to see you on The Toll Roads again soon.