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he wore disguise my name is Erick and

welcome to a really quick steam tutorial

say you got 70 drape and I got the

sanitary pad because I switched from the

steam authentication from the like

mobile version

to back to the email version and for

whatever reason I got 73 pan I first

support on my client and Firefox and

Chrome now it seems to be only on my my

Chrome browser and which is the one that

I use the most I hope it gets listed

from my Chrome browser too anyway so

let's say you have a sanitary pan you

cannot accept trade offers or send trade

offers here's easy we fix for that let's

go to my inventory and try to send

someone a trade offers great offers I

also can't sell items on the market on

Chrome before I was able to do so and

then we're able to do that on Firefox

and light and on the client version 4 I

have no idea why why ok let's send this

guy a trade off or see it says something

like that so I kind of do that um let me

see ok so you have to copy the link up

here say you've got to trade off food

you just open it up and then it gives

you a link up here as well then you're

going to want to you go down to like

this shortcut that you have on this

desktop or I have mine in the taskbar

all you have to do is right-click it and

right-click create a steam click on

properties and then you should have like

this only this now after the quotation

mark you are going to want to press

space and then - console and click on

apply ok and then you're going to want

to start steam up again and you should

have this here console now all you have

to do is write open space and then paste

link that you just had and now we will

open up the same trade

for link same thing as you can see works

now before I wasn't able to do that let

me show you again same thing same exact

link and so to say like I have 73 pilots

see you have log in from a new device

bla bla bla bla but it works now and you

can use it even like bread my knife for


four keys what does he have let's see oh

yeah I want this case clicker confirmed

rate over and enhance and they offer of

our CCC stupid trades I'm not going by

120 euro knife or a 20 cent or like this

is 4 cents actually awesome I guess so

yeah that's pretty much it I hope you

guys enjoyed this tutorial if it was

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