6 Weeks Pregnant - Your 6th Week Of Pregnancy

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welcome to your week by week pregnancy

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ultrasound dimensions medical a

maternity ultrasound Center this is week

six of your pregnancy and it's the first

week of the embryonic stage this phase

of the pregnancy is a time when internal

and external structures begin to form

although organ function remains minimal

at this stage the cardiovascular system

rapidly grows and it's at this time that

we can detect the cardiac or heartbeat

on an ultrasound the little disc like

shaped embryo now is transforming into a


structure and appears a little bit more

human the embryo has a

disproportionately large head and it

curves slightly forward from a slightly

curved back the nose the eyes and the

ears are starting to appear black dots

appear where the eyes and the nostrils

are forming the eyes are set very widely

apart and there's small depressions on

the side of the head where the ears will

form little arm and leg buds are forming

there the tissue that will later become

lungs has already appeared the

intestines are forming muscle and bone

and the heart is beating about a hundred

to 135 beats per minute and the

circulation is flowing throughout the

whole embryo right now your baby is

about the size of a lentil at the end of

the sixth week the umbilical cord forms

two arteries and one one vein and

they're molded together by a substance

called Wharton's jelly and covered by

amnion did you know that we share 98% of

our DNA with

pansies we share DNA with animals

flies even daffodils only 1.5% of our

DNA make us human at 6 weeks we can

detect whether or not you're carrying

multiples twins or triplets with our

modern new technology of ultrasound we

can see at this early stage whether

you're carrying twins if on your

mother's side there are twins it's more

likely that you will have twins for some

reason twins on the father's side seem

to have less influence

this is week six of your pregnancy and

you may already be feeling moody one day

joyful the next these are all normal

feelings and are partly caused by

fluctuating hormones it's really

important at this time to get plenty of

rest and plenty of exercise and eat a

really well-balanced diet you may feel

nauseous and if so concentrate on foods

that you think that you can keep down

some foods to avoid at this time are raw

or undercooked eggs pate undercooked


swordfish shellfish liver cheeses such

as brie camembert and blue vein cheese

the reason that we ask pregnant women to

avoid these foods is because of the risk

of salmonella coliform toxins

toxoplasmosis it is better for you to

concentrate at this time on foods that

contain calcium and iodine folic acid

folic acid is really important to take

especially during the first 12 weeks of

pregnancy when the neural tube is

developing iodine is important for the

development of baby an iron is important

for red blood cells if you haven't

already made an antenatal check with

your health care provider now is a

really good time because it's important

that your your that checked regularly to

ensure your health and that and that of

your babies thank you for watching if

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