Penalties For Driving Without Insurance | Insurance Related Driving Offences

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driving without insurance our section

143 of the road traffic at 1988 is

something that we seen more and more

cases involving what tends to happen is

that people will drive a vehicle perhaps

because they've been asked to do so by

an employer perhaps a member of the

families ask them to drive a vehicle and

they're uncertain about whether they're

insured under their own policy policies

need to be checked nowadays because in

this ever competitive world of insurance

we find that particularly young drivers

will be insured but they'll have various

clauses and exclusions on the policy and

they need to be very careful about just

what they are entitled to drive it's no

longer the case that if you hold

insurance then you are entitled to drive

anybody else's vehicle and third party

that tend to be an assumption that was

made in the past but is something that

you absolutely cannot assume anymore so

check insurance policies before you

drive a vehicle the reason that the

insurance charges an important charges

because it count is six to eight penalty

points or a discretionary

disqualification and what we see in

Glasgow more often than not is that the

courts do tend to use the power to

impose a discretionary disqualification

you might think that there's a degree of

judicial skepticism on the bench but

there's certainly experience in Glasgow

that many people particularly young

people are driving without the benefit

of insurance and are coming along to

court with various excuses that are

simply not accepted so it's one to look

out for the type of case where you will

have a defense is where an employer

tells you to drive a vehicle or asks you

to drive a vehicle that's one of the few

situations where you're entitled to

assume that you are insured if your

employer tells you to drive so if you're

asked to do an errand or you work for a

taxi company or involved in any type of

business where your employer tells

a vehicle or asked you to drive a

vehicle you have a defense there are

other situations where you can defend

this charge and there's also something

called special reasons which means that

if there's genuine reason on your part

to believe that you are insured and you

can prove that you had genuine reasons

then it may be argued that special

reasons exist and no penalty points

should be imposed on your license

so if special reasons can be

demonstrated to the court Plus usually

by way of proof so you normally have to

give evidence to that effect if you want

any more information about insurance

charges or you've been charged in

relation to section 143 of the road

traffic ad get in touch you can call us

at Oh 861 295 97 that's Oh 8 106 1 to 95

97 or go online fill in the form and

we'll come back to you today with some

more information and advice about what

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