How to Prevent and Relieve Radiation Exposure

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is there anything we can do to prevent a

relief radiation exposure so the first

thing is to identify that exposure has

occurred in the situation where we're

treating people here for tumors of the

abdomen or something that we think is

likely to cause nausea we would give

them antiemetics and possibly fluids in

advance if the field is large enough to

reduce their risk of throwing up and

being nauseated too far less than five

percent in the case where somebody is

exposed in an industrial or nuclear

accident then once you've identified the

problem you can give them supportive

care with strong anti nausea medications

IV fluids and you also know that within

a few weeks their white counts are going

to start going down now the government

has regulations on how you should be

treating them in advance they call a

prophylactic treatment and depending

upon the number of people involved they

have to use their resources in the most

reasonable and safe matter to make sure

that as many people can be safe as

possible so some people are going to get

medicines that help boost their blood

counts and some people are also going to

get antibiotics and that may depend upon

what other injuries or illnesses they

have going on at the same time and we

actually do deal with intentional total

body radiation all the time in medicine

to prepare people for bone marrow

transplant so we know that we can treat

somebody who's received a very large

whole body dose with medications and

antibiotics to support them through that

period of time