HTTP Status Code 504: What Is a 504 Error "Gateway Time Out" Response Code?

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today you're gonna learn about HTTP

status code 504 what it is why it's

important and how to deal with it we're

also gonna do a comprehensive HTTP

protocol overview and do a quick rundown

on kind of how the internet works and

how all these status codes affect your


I'm Tommy Griffith with click minded

comm let's get going so before we dive

into HTTP status code 504 I want to talk

a little bit about the HTTP protocol

basics and some of the stuff that drives

the internet and that's affecting all

the status codes that you're seeing on

your website now the Internet is made up

really of two core things and that's

clients and servers right so you have

clients web clients that your browser

right maybe it's chrome maybe it's

Firefox maybe it's Safari if you're a

god-forsaken human being maybe it's

internet explorer but if you're you're

usually accessing the internet through

one of these clients right whenever you

request a website you're usually making

a request from a web server you make a

request and the server responds that's

happening every single time you're

clicking a link you make this request

using what we call the HTTP protocol

okay so protocols are really just

standards that everyone on the internet

has agreed to it's no different than

English or Spanish or Chinese it's a

language that we've all agreed to write

so a client makes a request to the

server what happens next

status codes let us know whether the

request was a success a failure or

something in between

right that's what an HTTP status code is

okay so let's jump into each one of

these next so the hundred block these

are informational requests the 200 block

those are successful requests the 300

block are gonna be for redirects

redirection 400 block will be for client

errors and 500 block will be for server

errors so that means the client made a

good request but the server didn't

complete it so something is wrong on the

server side right I'm in Chrome I

request the web site I did everything

right on my own but something's wrong

with the server right so like a 500 an

internal server error maybe a 502 bad

way 503 service unavailable 504 gateway

timeout the broad idea here is that 500

errors are server problems not client

problems ok so HTTP status code 504 the

gateway timeout so again the status

codes on the 500 block mean it's a

server error not a client error right so

this is a server error a 504 means the

server did not receive a response fast

enough from a server it was making a

request to and it timed out right so

something down the chain messed up here

and a timeout happened right

usually what this means is there's some

type of application mishap going on

sometimes your timeout settings can be a

little bit too tight and this can cause

issues for you it's basically another

application that's causing the problem

right usually you need to contact your

web host in order to get this one solved

you you probably want to bring up that

you're seeing a 504 status response code

and that you might want to increase your

timeout limits try that first that

should solve the problem and so that's

it that's really all there is to HTTP

status code 504 so hope that was useful

if it was helpful and if you learned

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