How to Fix 500 Internal Server Error

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hi everyone I'm Emma and in this video

I'll show you how to fix the dreaded

internal server error so if you're here

because you're facing the error right

now or you simply want to be prepared

this is what we're looking to what is

the HTTP error 500 it's possible causes

and ways to resolve them 3 to be precise

or rather three and a half but before

you attempt to try any of these remember

remember to backup your sites first

things first

you've gone through a page and there's

another let me show you the various

names this particular error might hide

behind it can be HTTP error 500 500

internal server error HTTP internal

server error internal server error

that's a tongue twister so or it's like

500 and internet server will all lead to

the same error and what this error is is

a general server error and the problem

about it is that it doesn't tell you

right away what exactly is causing it

like utter

errors do this is also not a word for

specific error so we have to do some

troubleshooting to get to the bottom of

it and let's jump straight to the

potential causes of the error and

they're fixes first and foremost

just refresh the page sometimes the most

obvious solution is the one that doesn't

come to mind so start with that there

might be a plugin issue that's causing

the error like faulty installation

incompatibilities as saira so the first

thing to do is to deactivate all plugins

and check if the error has disappeared

you can easily deactivate all plugins if

you go to your WordPress admin panel

plugins check this box right here so

that checks all the plugins that you've

got and here in bulk actions click on

deactivate and apply so what that does

it's activates all your plugins what you

would do at this point is just check if

the error has disappeared if it has

simply activates the plugins one by one

and check again if the error appears

again so when it does you'll know that

that's the plug-in that's causing the

issue if by any chance you've got the

error and you can't access the dashboard

you can't activate all the plugins

through your FTP account so can we open

it up here so let's find so here is my

page and what you have to do is find the

wp-content folder which is here and then

the plugins folder what you can do do

now is rename it say add test here and

what that will do is it will deactivate

all of your plugins so now the same

thing all over again simply activate

them one by one to see which one could

be causing the error if it's none then

we can move forward and don't forget to

set the name of the plugins folder back

so just take that off and continue so

another possible cause of the internal

server error can't be a corrupted

htaccess file to check again login to

your FTP account this time you have to

find the htaccess file so now rename the

file can do this like that let's have

the test again oh right and check if the

error is gone if this is what was

causing the error the fix will be to

replace the file so to generate a new

htaccess file we'll have to go to our

press dashboard locate these settings

here and permalinks now simply scroll to

the bottom and save changes

and that should have fixed the issue

again if not we can go further an

exceeded PHP memory limit can cause the

internal server error so the logical

step here is to increase the PHP memory

limit first you can check your PHP

memory limit if you go to a wordpress

dashboard tools and science health here

click on info and fan server here and

here you can see the PHP memory limits

mine's actually quite alright this is

the amount you should aim for but if

it's lower you can of course increase it

a little let me show you how so to do

that once again your helps log into your

SCP account and there you'll have to

locate this file right here so we're not

able to edit it here so let me just drag

it to my computer so we can actually do

something with it ok so now just open

the file with any text editor that you

prefer and what we'll have to do here is

just add a simple line code you can find

the code snippet if you go to our blog

post how about this error exactly so

let's see that and here we go this is

the line of codes and you have to add it

under the PHP opening tag and that's

basically it

what we have to do now is save the file

and bring it back to the root directory

which is dried here let's drag it back

and yes I want to overwrite the previous

one and that is it at this points you

should obviously check if this has

helped and as I said before you can

check if the amount has increased for me

it was that already but you can check it

on your side if you've tried all of

these and nothing works

I'd suggest turning to your hosting

provider for help they might be able to

give more information about what's going

on and the bright side is that most

hosting providers offer 24/7 support so

don't be afraid to ask for some help

here and now you should be prepared if

this error ever comes your way and once

again backup your site finding an error

and breaking your site in the process of

fixing it it's definitely not a good

combination so hopefully this video

helped and that's it from my side thank

you for watching I'll see you in the

next one