How To Bypass 4chan ISP Ban In 30 Seconds

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well hey YouTube so today guys we're

back here with another how-to videos so

yeah the video is self-explanatory guys

I want to show you guys a pretty

excellent way to solve a big issue so

guys on 4chan you know I hate the bands

on there they ban you all the

time and half the reason at the time

it's for reasons and it pisses

me off here so I'm gonna prove to you

guys I am banned here so much I impose

something that right now this is the a

4chan now this group here I'm gonna type

something in here this is cool right I'm

gonna type this in so here's my message

here and watch what happens when I hit

post here as you guys can see here

giving one second here as you guys can

see here you were banned and it really

pisses me off because it's it's

boys you're fortunate man you can stick

this thing so I'm gonna teach you a very

very simple method in which you can

bypass a 4chan ban and literally in 30

seconds in 15 seconds so so how the

4chan band works here is it plans based

on your ISP uses your ISP and bans your

IP address based on the IP address

you're using the IP so a very very

simple trick you can do here you see I'm

on Wi-Fi right now I'm gonna turn off a

Wi-Fi here on my phone so I'll just uh

just turned it off here and the trick

here the trick here is turn on a 4G here

I want to turn on you guys see that so I

just uh I just turned on 4G here so give

it a second here to turn on here but the

cool thing about this is that 4G

actually is a separate line in terms of

your IP right compared to your Wi-Fi so

I'm back on the 4chan of pagers so

what's let's try and type in the same

time in there now I'm on 4G I'm gonna

type actually the same exact message

here I'm gonna type in the same achmet

became exact message here so hit post

you and watching learn guys as you guys

can see here the post here successful so

I successfully bypass the 4chan ban here

so that's one simple tip simple way to

do that if you want Wi-Fi right you

could turn off Wi-Fi u4g you can also do

the opposite but then you get banned on

4G turn on your Wi-Fi which which is a

different ISP now you

guys can see that's a very quick and

efficient way to bypass the affor Kanban

Oh food this video helped you out this

is actually a really useful tool I'm I'm

really happy I figured this out on my

own here somebody hope you guys enjoyed

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