How To Avoid Tolls Google Maps iPhone

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Hello and welcome to KahindoTech! In this video, I'll show you how to

avoid toll roads using that Google Maps app

Let's begin by opening up Google Maps app

Once I have it open. I will try to...let me search for directions for getting to Chicago

Okay, and I'll tap that

And after I've selected it is giving my destination. Tape on where it says directions on the bottom right corner

Okay, so if you take a look at this map right. You see the part that says four hours and 50 minutes

though... that little one... the little circle it's blue... it's a black circle that has a 1 in it if..

That's telling me that

Using this route, I'll have to pay a toll fee, okay, so let me then do something else

I'll show you just you see on the very bottom, where you see like where it says

333 miles

there's like there's a

gray bar

Go ahead and just like put your finger there and slide slide it up, so let me see again

I'll slide my finger up when I'm over there


As you can see the little symbol means this route has toes, okay

That's what that is trying to tell you but if you if you look at it carefully

There there's like the blue route blue route, and there's not a gray route

I believe that route doesn't have a - okay in order to avoid Altos

without having to specifically choose a specific route you can just

You can do it automatically. And to do that, look on the very top where it says "Your location" to the right of that

Tap on where...where you see those 3 little

horizontal dots

Okay, it will bring you this menu, and the very second to last thing on this menu is like, it's called routes... route


tap on that

Here you have the option over avoiding tolls

And to do that...right now it's white. If I tap it once, it turns blue. This means I'm

I want to get routes that avoid toes, and if I go back again

It's gonna recalculate and now...it will give me

The option of taking the of the route that has no toe. And as you can see, it doesn't have a toll right now. And if a scroll up

This menu up again

The way that it was saying has toll on this route

it is not there. So that's how you avoid routes that have tolls

you just have to go...under where it says your location and the right of that, you see those three dots and

Then right options

and then make sure you are selected avoid toes and

Make make the little button blue and that's how you avoid tolls. If you have any other questions or comments

Please leave them in the comment section below. If you liked the video, give it a thumbs up, and then if you

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