Uber/Lyft - Who pays for tolls?

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hey everybody how's it going welcome

back to the rideshare hub my name is

Dylan thank you so much for coming by

quick shout out to JC beans coffee

they're awesome I just got my chai latte

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cents and I was like that's ridiculous

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today's video sorry get on I have I get

distracted really easily so I need to

stay focused but this video is about who

pays for tools when you're driving for

uber or lyft is that the passenger or is

that the driver who pays for tolls and

it's pretty interesting because

sometimes when driving over a toll and

you actually have to pay cash right or

you can use your little I don't know if

I have mine in here it's a little ticker

the fast track thing which reminds me I

need to pay one that just came in but

yeah you got your little tracker and

when you go over under a toll this is

how it works okay I'm just gonna keep it

straight simple to the point the

passenger pays for the toll or the

passenger gets charged for the toll that

money goes to you through over or lifts

account however you have to pay it on

your own you have to pay the toll on

your own it's gonna get billed to you

and yes if you don't pay it you're gonna

get charged a huge late fee so make sure

after you go on the go under a toll go

to toll roads calm or whatever it's

called and pay the toll like I said the

packet the passenger gives money to over

and left which then they give to you but

you're still responsible for paying us

you're basically translating that money

that uber I left the passenger gave to

bur that then goes to you but then

you're covered you're paying it on your

own so nothing is coming out of your own

you're not losing any money but you're

also not gaining

any money so but it is your

responsibility because it's tracked on

your car hits your car one smart thing

to do is just go through the cash side

if you don't want to get hit with that

bill go through the cash side hand the

guy or hand the person or put it in the

little slot the cash and then that money

will just go to you because another

problem that I had when I first started

driving is I was going through the toll

a lot it was getting sent to me and I

wasn't paying the toll so I got racked

up a huge bill which I ended up calling

them in negotiating with them telling

that I'm a rideshare driver I didn't

know I thought it was all covered and he

ended up I think waiving the cost for me

or something and I ended up getting a

fast-track thing that is so just

deducted automatically through my

account but that's how it is pretty

plain and simple let me know if there's

any confusion let me know in the comment

section down below I will reply to you

if you have any questions about tolls or

driving rideshare in general if you have

any more questions on a future video

like that you want me to expand on let

me know in the comment section down

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soon have a great day bye guys