Man billed $30,000 dollars for using toll road in Ontario

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if you want to save time in traffic you

can use 407 Highway but the convenience

certainly has a price and the total

charges do add up fast a CTV News viewer

says he was shocked to get a bill for

almost $30,000 now it's gone to

collections but he says he didn't make

those trips Pat foreign investigates on

consumer alert Pat Michelle and Ken the

Brampton man does use the 407 but he

says he pays his bill every month he

says a collection agency is demanding he

come up with $30,000 if he doesn't he

won't be able to get his license renewed

Andrew Lee says when he got the mail

recently he was shocked to get a massive

bill for using the 407 Highway the

collection notice says the amount owing

is almost 30 thousand dollars I said I

just started laughing I mean I said I

couldn't believe this I mean when I saw

it was from the 4:7 I said Lee has a

working transponder in his car he says

the highway has never contacted him

before to say there was a problem with

his account Lee says he uses the go

train to get to work in Toronto each day

and only uses the 407 occasionally he

does get a bill that he says he pays off

in full every month he says the thirty

thousand dollar charge from the 407 is a

mystery to him at first he thought he

might be the victim of identity theft

he also recalled 10 years ago having

another account with the 407 he says at

that time he was going through a divorce

and closed it I had an account with them

years ago when I was previously married

I had requested their home closed which

I thought I did when we contacted the

407 they called his previous account

complex and said someone had run up the

toll bill which remains due and payable

a spokesperson told CTV News the plate

owner transponder lessee is responsible

for all charges on account whether those

trips are taken by a current or former

spouses or other drivers however given

mr. Lee's specific circumstance we have

decided as a one-time gesture of good

faith to close his former accounts Lee

was extremely thankful he won't have to

pay the bill of almost thirty thousand

dollars okay it's a great relief man I


my my heartfelt thanks to you guys on

your team I'm really indebted to you for

for helping me with this situation even

if you're not driving the 407 says

you're still responsible for toll

charges if your car plate is being used

so if you have a relationship with

someone the changes make sure the

accounts are separated so you're no

longer responsible on your side i'm pat

for it if you have a consumer story idea

email us at alert at CTV CA