How to avoid traffic in Los Angeles and most cities in the world

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today I'd like to talk about the traffic

patterns in Los Angeles and how to avoid

traffic and some of the ideas that

you'll hear in this video will apply to

a lot of other metropolitan cities in

any city wherever you go you have to

figure where is the wealthiest part of

town what part of town do people have

the highest dollar per hour income and

what part of town has the highest real

estate value in terms of dollars per

foot of living space so if it's a

2-bedroom apartment how many dollars a

foot is does a property cost to purchase

or to lease that is where the traffic

goes if you make a plot of these prices

people every morning commute from places

that are cheaper they commute all the

way inwards and they serve people who

make money people who are living in

better locations in fact in real estate

they always talk about location location

location location but they never define

what a location is location is just

really dollar per foot because dollar

per foot of living space is what

determines what people are willing to

pay that defines automatically defines

all of the things that people care about

in order to pay a higher amount of money

and of course the saying goes that if

you want to have a property that

appreciates buy it in a better location

it's better to live or lease in a place

that is higher dollar per foot then

lower dollar per foot because there's

more opportunities there's more people

with money there's more jobs there's

more ideas a clever people have migrated

there so in the morning all you have is

traffic 8:00 in the morning 7:30 in the

morning in Los Angeles

everyone's commuting to this part of Los


you could call it the west side but the

west side could be any of these areas

east of 405 west of 405 south of 10 even

not south of 10 here so much and Beverly

Hills Westwood Brentwood Santa Monica a

lot of traffic in the way if you want to

know if you're living in the low dollar

4-foot areas in the morning you're going

with the traffic you're going to be in

traffic commuting all the way to these

areas coming down from Palmdale and

Lancaster even from the valley now

Valley is another community but it's

really second rate or third grade

compared to the Westside and of course

what determines what brings all the

people here is the good weather system

cooler temperatures better air quality

ocean breeze everything in fact most

people who have been to Beverly Hills

but have never actually lived there

don't know that Beverly Hills has an

amazing weather system amazingly clean

and cool air comes from the mountains

and this pocket has an amazing air

quality to the point that if you move

out a mile or two out of Beverly Hills

you don't the temperatures go up and the

Sun sets and clouds are just amazingly

beautiful in Beverly Hills area

something people wouldn't know if they

didn't live actually there to watch the

whole thing so its proximity to the

industry main industry in Los Angeles is

the Hollywood basically all the studios

and so forth but also people want to be

closer to the mountains for cleaner air

people want to be closer to the water so

all these points are magnetic points the

water clean air from the water temperate

climate so people try to buy homes in

this area and everybody else who decides

to have bigger homes at lower dollar per

foot areas they every morning they have

to go with the traffic to this part of

town and

the afternoon again with the traffic

going back home in fact if you lived on

the west side in the morning for you to

commute up or to commute out or south is

very easy you're going against traffic

that the freeways are empty for you and

in the afternoon if you're coming from

the valley or from Palmdale let's say if

you're coming down to the Westside again

you're going against traffic you can go

very fast even though it's rush hour

you're going against traffic everybody

at 5:00 p.m. is going up is going east

it's going south and that's the traffic

pattern that you have and you have that

practically in a lot of cities most

cities are like that people congratulate

people gather in the more expensive

parts of town and people who think like

oh no I want to have a big home I have

it out of my big yard I want to have my

own space

they opt for suburban areas that are out

of town and where you can buy more land

but there are less certain locations

that's a fact and just understanding

that fact you could truly save a lot of

money throughout your life not just by

saving time and traffic and gas but also

understanding that the real estate that

you're gonna be buying is gonna have

more appreciation down the line even if

it's a tiny box that you bought

someplace on the west side or in the

high location areas as opposed to buying

and living in lower level location is so

anyway so that is one pattern another

pattern is that the best time to drive

all over LA in any direction is Sunday

morning all the way to 12 because a lot

of people I guess do go to church and so

it's quite and also people are resting

so Sunday morning Sunday lunch is great

for gatherings because practically

there's very little traffic although

sometimes you do run into traffic on 405

but overall Sunday's are the better days

Saturdays can be busy because people

want to run around and do their errands

they finally have time to do some air

run some errands

but Saturday afternoon does get better

although evening people want to go out

they want to go party and a lot of the

party places are on the west side

downtown used to be a very shady place

actually pretty much from the 1:10 as

you go east

it gets worse and worse but over the

past 20 years they have really tried to

improve downtown but not so much on the

east side as you go block by block you

go this way it just becomes Crimea and

Crimea and poorer and poorer to the

point that you get to Lincoln Heights

and Boyle Heights that's where they

shoot cops even but they're beautiful

neighborhoods a bus a East LA is

actually the air is clean the views are

beautiful Boyle Heights has clean air

shockingly people just don't know that

actually a lot of industrial stuff in

the south you really don't want to be

that the farther south and like the

farther south east you go the poorer and

premier it gets sadly so I'm not trying

to put down any neighborhoods I'm just

trying to say that people should be

conscious and if they want to make life

choices what would be a better choice

and if you just had a temperature map of

what's going on in LA you could make

better decisions

so yeah downtown LA has required in the

past 15 20 years but still most of the

stuff is concentrated right close to the

110 the japantown is nice there's a few

things nowadays I've been told that

there's a lot of a life nightlife and so

forth in downtown I haven't really gone

there to check because again if you

wanted to go there at night if you're

living in the west side you will be

going with traffic Pasadena on the east

side San Gabriel Valley Pasadena is a

center it has horrible air I lived in

Pasadena for so many years going to

Caltech but basically every one Saturday

night Friday that everyone commutes from

out of town to Pasadena to party to go

out there's not a whole lot of party

life really in Los Angeles too

I should mention that but if you want to

find anything you have to find it in on

the west side or in Pasadena sadly so

the two main areas the two mountain

ranges one is the San Gabriel Mountains

and the valley underneath it is the San

Gabriel Valley with a lot of Asian

community nowadays San Diego City of

sang giving one of my Asian products

Chinese food or Chinese products there's

a lot of stuff in San Gabriel and of

course the other one is the San Fernando

mountain range and the valley is this

the valley above it is the San Fernando

Valley just north of the the mountains

are here so the San Fernando Valley

would be just south of 101 and up a lot

of flatland not much water bad air

quality again it's like a pocket high

temperatures Woodland Hills is extremely

hard Chatsworth is hard

Chatsworth has high winds and so forth

so location all of these factors

geographical appoints affect the

location and the value and traffic and

everything and Palmdale of course up

here and then Lancaster which is even

farther practically treated like boonie

towns they do go up and the real estate

market is really hot they go up in

values but again because of the gas

prices a lot of people don't want to

drive that far jobs or down here so a

lot of these patterns that I mentioned

exist all over the world and I hope this

video can help you make better decisions

in life and sooner than later realize

that you know what it's better to have a

tinier home in a better location than a

huge home in a suburb at the hotel

unless you have the money and you want

to have multiple homes I don't know but

for most people it is better to make

decisions based understanding this sort

of structure that is usually not spoken

of and the reason I talk about it is

that it is something that you know again

it goes back to the discussion of haves

and have-nots and because of that a lot

of people don't want to talk about it

you don't hear it from other people

you know but if you have a good friend

or someone like me who's trying to

communicate something very simple and

help you in life I hope you take this

video as a tiny bit of guidance not an

elitist of view other things anyways

Santa Monica is even divided to south of

10 north of 10 even Santa Monica is

divided block-by-block as you go up it

becomes more expensive and more fancy

and again there's more traffic down here

because of the 10 bringing a lot of

traffic but block by block the

neighborhoods change how close are you

to the water how far up are you Malibu

to me is an extremely expensive

neighborhood but I and probably it may

be good for investment I guess but it's

so far and in the corner that you know

it's difficult to get to and it doesn't

have much nightlife it is really a

family community doesn't have museums it

doesn't have anything really it's not

really a they're good people but it just

doesn't have much culture as far as I'm

concerned even Santa Monica is really

overrated as well I mean all of LA is

over it overrated if you ask me so down

here South here again it kind of it's

not the greatest but there's an airport

here that in a golf course

side-by-side that's causing traffic

these the this Airport and there's a

golf course and there's only one Street

going down so because a lot of the

traffic is north-south people are trying

to get to Santa Monica to work but

that's where the jobs are a lot of

traffic this thing is like a

constriction it becomes so clogged up

because these two are like big blocks of

cement on the road and everyone's taking

every residential street and everything

to get up and down the traffic in this

part of town used to be horrible ten

years ten 15 years ago but as things

became too expensive and the gas became

too expensive that people moved out that

the traffic has actually gone down

and you know it's a recession no one

wants to talk about it even though

things appear to be booming but it's a

lot of virtual development not a lot of

industrial not a lot of real product

implemented you have virtual companies

like YouTube down here or snapchat up

here and so forth it's a lot of funny

money really what's going on today

the LAX brings a lot of traffic this air

you know a lot of noise a lot of traffic

in fact lately there's they have changed

the flight paths I think the the US Army

has taken a big chunk of LAX runways I

think so a lot of commercial airlines

are going all over flying really low all

over making a lot of noise on top of

that there's a lot of helicopter noise

and a lot of single-engine aircraft

noise that has really increased on a

daily basis there's more and more seven

eight times a day you have helicopters

really going close above you and I was

at the beach a month or two ago some

helicopter came down over the sand and

it flew practically maybe 20 feet above

our heads we were lying down I mean it

had it come down a little bit further it

would have hit a lifeguard cabin it's

insane how people are just quiet people

don't complain the city the government

they can do all kinds of things and

people just put up with it the

expectations are low in Los Angeles

that's why we don't have good

restaurants anymore restaurant life has

died a lot of things a lot of

sophisticated things have died away and

it's a pretty it's a good place to

invest maybe if you wanted too much but

it's not a good place to live the

weather again on the west side is good I

mean they had geographically has certain

goodies that you don't find in a lot of

places on the planet but overall

I mean it's not a beautiful city it's

not a clean city there's a lot of junk

and trash on Main streets in boulevards

is that somebody's left the couch for


it's in the middle and the divider of a

main Boulevard Beverly Hills extremely

overrated extremely overrated I should

make an another video about that I mean

it's really nothing and this is living

here is hell there's so much traffic

especially down here there's a lot

everyone uses these streets for traffic

through to cut through a lot of people

use these streets as cut through from

the 405 to sunset to cut through the

triangle quickly the shortest path and

it just generates a lot of traffic a lot

of noise a lot of tourists a lot of

tourists buses with loudspeakers and

it's insane I mean cars I saw cars on a

head-on collision people almost got

killed in these residential streets in

Beverly Hills I videotaped it the

aftermath anyways of as you go east it's

more of the entertainment capital but

again not much culture or anything first

I'm concerned so anyways Los Angeles

overall is not it's a beautiful climate

but it's not a beautiful city it's run

by people who are ripping off people

with property taxes and this city really

is not doing much to beautify the city

to clean up this city to get rid of the

ugly power poles and so forth and yeah

it's the city is not run well it really

looks like a village a lot of places

look like villages in Mexico I'm

exaggerating a little bit but really you

just don't expect that in a country or

in a state like California in the city

like Los Angeles that is making so much

money out of taxes and property taxes

and income taxes and everything so I

hope that helps the main point is that

traffic it's like a sponge you have a

sponge here in the on the Westside

traffic gets sucked up in the morning

and then it's released out radially out

in every direction I hope this helped

and you have to forgive my opinion that

remarks about everything thank you thank

you thank you I hope this helps