How To Fix 404 Error In WordPress - How To Fix 404 Page Not Found Errors

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in this tutorial I'm gonna show you how

to fix for for errors in WordPress and

we're getting started right now


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you're at it and with that out of the

way let's head on the screen capture the

ways to do with four fours one is to

have them automatically redirected when

they're discovered on your page using a

plugin and the other is doing the

manually after they've been found using

a 301 redirect in htaccess file so for

the plugin version let's go to plugins

and then add new and then search simply

for 404 and out of these top two plugins

Avenue tutorial for both of them I

believe links in the description down


these will detect for force and when

they happen they will automatically

redirect those four fours to a page you

specify usually your homepage and then

they will notify you that there is a 404

then you can go in and decide whether

you want to redirect them to a page

that's better suited for that 404 and

those make it really easy

those will redirect for fours before

Google finds them as soon as a person

lands on them that's not true a

Googlebot may land on a 404 but once the

website or the plugin notices a for for

is generated the other by a person or by

Googlebot it will redirect that

instantly to wherever you choose now

even using one of those plugins you may

find four fours in your Google search

console I have a bunch of four fours on

my site 2x I haven't done my four for

cleanup in a very very long time and

four forces happen that it's a regular

part of a website lifecycle 108 soft 4

forces the South for four means that

Google didn't find any content on the

page but the website said the page

loaded so the page was given a 200

status which means it loaded

but Google didn't see anything

so they'd label a soft 404 a hard 404 is

not found which means the page shows a

4/4 and it actually is a 404 so if we if

we go through these there's a whole

bunch I could clean up here which I

should but this one that sticks out

right here term

of use that's the page that should be on

my site if I click on this link it

should take me to the Terms of Use page

however it is a 404 and if I scroll down

I see my new pages called Terms of

Service so that could be where the error

is yeah so Terms of Service is the page

terms of use is the old one generating a

404 we click on linked from legacies

links from a lot of different places so

how do we fix this

well the best way I think is an HT

access you don't need an extra plugin

for this you just need an FTP client or

access your site through the file

manager whichever you're more

comfortable with I'm gonna use FTP in

this case I'm gonna open my htaccess

file in sublime text I'm gonna go right

down at the bottom add some white space

so you guys can see what's going on here

and I'm going to type in redirect 301

space we take the slug of the page that

can't be found and we put it into the

404 terms of use like this and then we

get the URL of the page we want to

redirect to which in this case is Terms

of Service so we copy that paste it in

here get rid of the extra white space

down below if you have any because that

can cause problems I just used it so you

could see the code better now if I click

on I save the file upload complete

if I click on this now it should

redirect me here's terms of use trying

to load and it's now redirected to Terms

of Service and that's how we do a 301

redirect to fix a 404 error we can mark

this as fixed and mark this is fixed is

okay and now we have that for for taken

care of you can go through all of your

four fours and fix them exact same way

you either pick a place to send them or

if it's a page you want to create you

didn't create the page so for example

this page right here web page speed test

to ping down results if you wanted this

to if you wanted to fix this you can

redirected to a different page using the

process we just made we just did or

create a page with that slug and to do

that we just go into the website go into

the dashboard

first let's click on it in here open it

and we'll prove that it's a 404 and it

is I'm gonna take this slug up here it's

gonna copy it I'm gonna go to pages and

then add new and I'm gonna call this

page what the slug is update the

capitalisation a bit but that is a text

click on publish and now if we go back

out here refresh this page it will no

longer be a 4/4 I recommend you add more

content than that that's not quite gonna

cut it but this is another way we can

fix a 4/4 we create the actual page that

is being or that is missing that is

being looked for when we have that done

click on mark is fixed click on OK and

then go through and fix every other 4/4

in the Google search console and keeping

on top of this helps your rankings I

have not been keeping on top of it as

you can see and this is a job to do for

the weekend or whenever our spare time

which is kind of never that's why this

isn't being done and that's how we fix

four fours so that's how it works I hope

this video helps you if you haven't done

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