How to Fix The 403 Forbidden Error [Step by Step] ☑️

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today in this video we will learn about

how to resolve 4:03 forbidden error in

cpanel this error appears when we have

inappropriate file or folder permissions


in order to solve this error go inside

cPanel and then log in to file manager


go to public underscore HTML and then

reach the file which is having

inappropriate permission


here in this case you can see wrong file

permissions placed for this file to make

the correct file permission place six

double four over each and every file

which is having wrong file permission if

still the error happens you can check

the file permission of folders the file

permission of folder must be seven

double five in this way you can fix all

the file permissions and check the URL

which will work again make sure each and

every file should have the file

permission as six double for folder as

seven double five and public underscore

HTML as zero seven five one please note

if in case everything is correct you can

check door htaccess file which also

sometimes is a culprit