How to beat the four move checkmate

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one of the most common opening traps for

beginning players is the four move

checkmate this usually starts out with

the moves

efore d5 both of these are excellent

moves but now why tries for a quick

attack with the move Queen h5 so what is

White's threat with Queen h5 why

develops a piece and by creating the

threat Queen takes e5 forces black to

defend at least temporarily so how

should black deal with this threat well

let's look at some of blacks options

Knight f6 a counter texting's Queen is

simply a bad move because of Queen takes

d5 the worst option is probably g6

because after Queen takes e5 white is

threatening both the king and the rook

on h8 and will simply win a piece after

or something like Queen takes Queen e7

and Queen takes h8 Queen f6 defends the

pawn but it blocks the natural square

for the g8 Knight

we need 7 blocks at development of the

bishop on f8 and d6 blocks the options

for the development of the black Bishop

and really doesn't develop a piece so

what should black do well 96 is a great

move not only does this move develop a

piece and protect the pawn on e5 it also

opens up the potential for a

counter-attack against the white

position did anyone notice that when the

Queen moved to h5 it left the c2 upon

unprotected watch how this can be an

important factor as the game continues

Bishop c4 white develops a piece in to

an aggressive post once and it threatens

the sensitive f7 square what is White's


well now the Queen and the bishop are

working as a team and if black misses

that the real threat he can lose very

very quickly Knight f6 Queen takes f7

checkmate and the game is over

so how does black defend against this


well g6 this is a good move creates a

counter-attack against the coin forcing

white either to lose the queen or move

the queen so white plays we have three

what is White's threatening once again

the Queen it threatens the f7 pawn so

how does black deal with this threat

Knight f6 I would like to make a quick


queen of six is not such a great move

because y can just develop very normally

with something like C three and after

Queen trade you've just helped white

develop his pieces you want more than


so Knight f6 blocking the Queen's attack

and developing another piece and

threatening the e4 pawn white black

can't take it now but the Queen might

have to move later

so Queen b3 and now black and start a

counter-attack with 94 and at this point

what black has the better game if white

takes on f7 he simply will lose a piece

after King e7 coin C 4 and Bishop b5 now

the Queen must move away and black will

take the bishop on c7 on f7 if

G for threatening to attack the knight

on f6 the same reply night D for

attacking the Queen and the sensitive c2

pawn at this point Black has taken over

the initiative and is ready to start

attacking white and White's idea of a

quick checkmate has failed and must

change his plans I hope this helps you

avoid losing to the four-move checkmate