How to AVOID the 3pm Crash

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hey everybody and welcome back to Q&A

Wednesdays this is my chance to talk all

about holistic nutrition how to eat

better to have a healthier life in the

most realistic way possible and today

I'm gonna be talking all about that

dreaded afternoon crash you know that

one where it's like 3 o'clock and you're

just like a zombie and you're heading

towards getting a coffee and pastry and

you don't know why but you just can't

stop it yes it's that coffee break time

it's part of our culture but it doesn't

have to be your life you don't have to

zombie your way to a sugary pastry or

cookie or coffee in the middle of the


I know from firsthand experience even

when I was eating really well I always

was sort of reaching for that afternoon

pick-me-up I always used to think it was

because of my sleep but I've come to

learn that it's really all about blood

sugar balance that thing that I love to

talk about so much in the last Q&A I

talked a little bit about it but in this

one I'm gonna be talking all about how

to balance your blood sugar so that you

avoid that 3:00 p.m. crash the has you

lining up at Timmy's for your

double-double and your peanut butter

cookie or whatever it is that you eat so

the question is that I got is I

consistently crash about 3 to 4 p.m. and

I can't stay away from grabbing a coffee

and a pastry during my afternoon work

break how can I avoid the mid-afternoon


okay so like I just talked about this

happens to a lot of people and we're

gonna talk about how to balance your

blood sugar and the first thing that you

always have to keep in mind is to

include a protein and a healthy fat in

everything that you eat so all your

meals and all your snacks because that

will slow the release of sugar glucose

into your body and just keep you full

longer satisfied longer and you won't

and it will just balance your blood

sugar so it's not a quick spike and then

a quick drop that's what we want to

avoid eye on that note you want to

always include fiber and you can easily

do that by just you know fruits and

veggies fruits and veggies are complex

carbs they have fiber in them legumes

all that kind of stuff that has fiber in

them and that does the same thing in the

body it slows the release of glucose

into the bloodstream and it slows down

digestion it keeps you full longer it

does all sorts of other amazing things

but we're talking about blood sugar

balance so that's what it does

protein healthy fats fiber you want to

make sure that you get that in

everything you eat and it's really easy

to do by eating real foods whole foods I

mean I could suggest some snacks it's

fruit with nuts nuts and seeds by

themselves smoothies are great snacks

and even like cut-up vegetables with

comment anything like that would be

great so on that note you really want to

avoid processed refined carbs and sugars

so exactly the thing that you're

reaching for at 3 o'clock which is like

a cookie or a bagel or a pastry or

something like that you want to avoid

that because those refined carbs and

sugars just basically they have no

nutrients in them they go straight into

your bloodstream there's nothing to slow

down the digestion so you get that crazy

blood sugar spike way up there your

insulin comes in to save the day and it

reduces your blood sugar but it often

brings with it you know it brings it

down to low and then you're set up for

that that blood sugar rollercoaster ride

but you don't want so you could avoid

that by just avoiding simple carbs and

refined sugar but since we're talking

about caffeine reducing your caffeine is

a good way for you to reduce your

caffeine I know that sounds a little bit

crazy but what I'm talking about is that

you know coffee and caffeine in general

is a stimulant so it will cause a stress

response in your body you will secrete

cortisol adrenaline and all the rest and

that will raise your blood sugar so if

you're setting yourself up by all day

morning noon it's night drinking coffee

because you have a busy life and you

don't have time to eat so you're just

kind of ramming coffee down your throat

because it is an appetite suppressant

and it gives you energy like sort of

false energy you'll find yourself always

needing coffee do you know what I mean

it's like it's a vicious cycle so you

know reduce your coffee have your cup in

the morning and then try to switch to

herbal teas turn through water obviously

but if you're not you know causing that

stress response in the body causing your

blood sugar to go really high all the

time and then low all the time you won't

be reaching for that additional coffee

at 3 p.m.

one thing that will really set you up

for a success to make sure that you're

not rushing out to get that coffee and

pastry is to pack snacks people kind of

make fun of me sometimes when they see

all my nuts and seeds and berries and

whatnot in my purse but it's so

important because if you don't have them

you will reach for anything so pack

snacks nuts seeds all the fruits all the

things we talked about before because

you don't want to wait until you are so

hungry that it feels like your stomach

is eating itself from the inside out

that is bad when that happens you will

eat anything and whatever is nearby is

usually going to be not great it's

usually gonna be that coffee and pastry

so pack some snacks and you'll begin

another interesting thing to note is

that there are additional blood sugar

balancers natural blood sugar balancers

spices like cinnamon cinnamon is a

natural blood sugar balancer so you want

to add that if you find yourself you

have the roller coaster issue and

they're crashing all the time add

cinnamon to your oatmeal to your

smoothies to your nut butter when you

put it on an apple just add cinnamon as

much as you can through the day that

will help balance your blood sugar also

a mineral called chromium best name ever

Wow the chromium is also a blood sugar

balancer and you can find it in things

like cracked black pepper green peppers

potato skins it's in a lot of other

whole foods add that stuff as much as

you can if you have a problem with your

blood sugar balance and more and more

studies are showing that apple cider

vinegar is actually really great to

increase your insulin sensitivity that

basically means that insulin will just

work more effectively in your body get

the glucose out of your bloodstream and

into your cells so that it can do all

the lovely work that it needs to do so

apple cider vinegar you can add that to

a little bit of water it's so good for

so many things but now also for blood

sugar balance so that's really great and

I can't leave this conversation without

talking about emotional stress and you

know emotional and mental stress is also

creates a stress response a

physiological stress response in the

body your adrenal glands will secrete

adrenaline and cortisol when you are

emotionally stressed out and that will

raise your blood sugar so I like to talk

about just general relaxation techniques

and ways to not be stressed to the day

so that you're not going through that

blood sugar high you know they say that

stress causes belly fat that's one of

the reasons because it increases your

circulating blood sugar so one simple

thing that I always say to people is

just set your alarm 15 to 20 minutes


today I know we all want that extra

Street sleep in the morning but so many

times I know people who just jump out of

bed they rush out the door they're

stressed first thing in the morning

because they don't have enough time to

get to work for sure that is that's a

stress in and of itself so there you go

with the roller coaster second of all

you're not gonna have time to actually

grab a breakfast that's healthy and good

for you because you're running out the

door and you're gonna grab some pastry

somewhere not good also if you're in a

rush and you are jamming something down

your neck on the way out the door that's

not good for digestion so that's gonna

cause all sorts of other problems you

want to at least have you know five or

ten minutes to sit down and eat

something good for breakfast whether

it's an easy veggie scramble or maybe

you're gonna do like a whole grain

sprouted toasters sourdough toast with

some nut butter and some bananas or like

I always do my smoothies with healthy

fats and fiber and all the rest you need

to eat breakfast it's really really good

for you to help balance your blood sugar

right off the top of the day and not

have that stressful situation where

you're rushing out the door and you're

just already a stress ball before you

even begin your day so just set your

alarm fifteen minutes earlier it will

help you it'll make me feel better do it

for me not for you do it for me in a


those are some of my top tips for

balancing your blood sugar so you can

avoid the 3 p.m. crash you can avoid all

that hangry nonsense and get on with

your day like a normal person I hope you

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