Traffic Law : How to Get Points Removed From Your License

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you may have recently received still

another traffic citation and associated

with that traffic citation are

additional points on your license and

now you're concerned with having too

many points what are you going to do to

get those points removed hello I'm

Robert Todd and I'm here to answer the

question how do you remove points from a

driver's license well first of all this

is going to vary from state to state

each state has its own traffic laws and

associated with those traffic laws are

how many points are received when one

violates a specific traffic citation so

the first thing you want to do is check

the laws of your particular state and

you can do that by going on the internet

and looking under your state and the

Department of Motor Vehicles and

checking out the various laws but

generally speaking to remove points from

a license you're going to have to either

reduce the severity of the traffic

citation that you've been cited with and

that will take care of the points that

are associated with your most recent

citation also to remove points or to

lessen points are the impact of those

points it is to take an educational

course offered by your state and the

Department of Motor Vehicles in your

state and then generally the passage of

time in most states if you go a year or

two years without any additional traffic

citations points come off I'm Robert

Todd and thank you for watching