How to Reduce PayPal Fees by Using QR Code Payments!

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hey everybody how's it going i want to

show you something today that i

just kind of stumbled across and i

wasn't aware of this but it's a really

cool thing

check out this qr code right here i'm

sure you're probably familiar with qr

codes already you've seen them around

and they're kind of boring whatever

but these are pretty cool basically you

can set it up it'll allow you to take a


and people can just scan it and pay you

that way so one of the benefits of it

paypal is kind of pushing the touchless

aspect of it with all the craziness

going on right now

so you can set one of these up at a

register or wherever you might be taking


people just scan that qr code with their

phone and they can enter the amount and

pay you that way

no touching or any of that craziness

going on the coolest part

i feel like about this is that in order

to help with

again all all the current events and

everything and business is struggling

there are no fees when you take payments

through a qr code like this

so let's take a quick look at how that

how that looks here's a web page they


where they're kind of talking about all

this and we'll just skim through this

really quickly they're just showing you

you know what the qr code is

the basics of a qr code you can scan it

you in turn them out

you say go i was scrolling down just

kind of looking at this

and then we got to the frequently asked

questions and you know again what is it

how does it work

blah blah blah well then how much does

it cost okay

well here's where it gets really

interesting it's free to create the code

and share it of course that's simple

for sellers transaction fees on qr code

payments are temporarily

waived until september 30th of 2020.

so if you take a payment through a qr

code like this there's no fee

they're shown to help businesses

impacted after that though even after

that you'll have you'll pay 1.9 plus 10

cents so the standard paypal fee is 2.9

plus 30 cents so in this case it's

totally free for the next couple months

few two and a half months here until

september 30th

and then after that it's still a full

percent and and on the transaction fees

a little cheaper as well

so let's take a look at this let's go

ahead switch over to

my paypal account here from your paypal

account what you'll do is just go to pay

and get paid

and then they've got this qr code

section so let's go ahead and go into


and then this will load again it gives

you all the info here

um the same kind of frequently asked

questions but here at the top we'll just

say generate my code

and that will load your code so here's

your code this code right here now it's

the same one i had

at the beginning of the video here if if

you scan this

it'll it'll send me a payment you can

put an amount if you want to do that hey

go for it that'd be cool

but if you know you can download your

code here and that'll download a graphic

image image file so you could print that

in all sorts of different locations

for now what i'm going to do is go ahead

and open up my qr code scanner on my

phone here

just so i can take a look at what this

is actually going to look and feel like

so i'm going to go ahead and scan this

qr code

and that just pulls up an amount here

that i can enter

so i'll just put in oh we'll say 10


and then how do i want to pay i'm gonna


paypal balance

and then i'm going to pay now

okay so i have paid angeli okay

so let's go ahead and take a look at

what that's going to look like inside my

account now

and we should see that ten dollars show

up in here with no fee

so sure enough we got ten dollars in we

got ten dollars is the full balance so

no fee was taken from that there's my

ding showing me

that i got more money um if we go down

and we look at this payment here

we can see paypal fee is zero dollars so

that's pretty cool that can be a big

help if you use these qr codes to

process payments

you can use these in all sorts of

different ways you could send the you

know print these out and have them at

your location

send it to somebody in an email and ask

them to scan it and pay it that way put

it on your web page

build it into your checkout system uh

you know if you needed some help with

something like that over the next two

and a half

months no fees on anybody who pays you

know by scanning a qr code like this

that could be huge that'd be a big help

so that's something big that paypal's

trying to do again with all this

craziness going on

so take advantage of it you know it's

pretty simple create your qr code

again if you want to uh you know try

this one out see how it works go ahead

and send me a little something that

would be appreciated

uh the best thing you can do though just

keep watching it's always good to have

you know see the visitors

growing on this channel please like

subscribe do all the things share it as

much as you can

really helps everybody small businesses

people consumers buying things anybody

using paypal

trying to help you make sure you

understand how everything works avoid

the scams

that's what this channel is all about

how to how to have success with paypal

so happy paypal get your qr code check

it out

see you next time thanks