How to Prevent Afternoon Blood Sugar Crash? | Dr.Berg

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hey guys in this video we're going to

talk about how to prevent an afternoon

blood sugar crash okay

now usually you're gonna get these

crashes right around four o'clock maybe

3:30 to 4:30 and the afternoon where

you're gonna get tired irritable your

visions going to start to go and then

sometimes at night right around eight

o'clock you have the need for something

salty to crunch on okay crunchy salty

and then at 11:30 in the morning you

might have a little chocolate craving

right here these are the most common

points in time where you might have a

blood sugar crash now here's the problem

this is what you need to realize when

you give in to these low blood sugar

crashes you actually make things worse

but it's kind of a trap because it makes

you feel better like wow it just takes

the stress out it gives you more energy

because you're tired so naturally you

think well this is the right thing to do

but you're gonna make it worse because

look what's happening you're basically

dependent on sugar fuel that's what

you're doing you're coming up and down

up and down

eating in every hour and a half raising

and lowering the blood Sugar's that's

what's happening but here's the problem

every time you eat use trigger insulin

and then that brings the blood Sugar's

down then you eat again it's really a

trap that makes you worse over time

health-wise inflammation belly fat and

metabolic syndrome and a whole bunch of

other issues so number one realize it's

a blood sugar problem because if you

don't realize that then there's no

problem to solve and number two very

simply what you do is you increase the

fat at the meal so you can go longer

okay without eating and fat has the

least effect of insulin of all of the

foods make sure your moderate amount of

protein because if you don't have a nut

protein that can also affect the blood

sugars make make sure that you have

either a salad or a lot of greens

because that those minerals also help

stabilize the blood sugar apple cider

vinegar is really really important or

did you have some hidden carbs which

also caused the blood sugar problem the

next day that's a very common as well so

this is a really easy problem to solve

if you understand it and you do keto and

I put a link down below of exactly how

to do it hey if you enjoyed this video

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