Reduce Stamp Duty Land Tax 3% higher rate

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please do not buy another property

investment until you watch this video

everyone my name is Simon me so much and

I want to talk to you today about Stamp

Duty Land Tax which is SDLT to you and

me but before I get started make sure

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video so let's talk about

sdlt and more importantly the three

percent SDRT surcharge that is coming to

plane whether you buy another property

investment in your name so that means

that you've already own a home or a

basement property investment in your

name or you're buying a property

investment inside of it it's company

we're talking about residential

properties here and what you'll notice

from this table here is that you will be

paying extra s diancie which is

typically paid through your solicitors

Teja mercy within 30 days of acquiring

the property normally they do to that

money up front to make sure you that you

do not run off with it but ultimately

you are going to be paying this extra

charge and let's just take a look at an

example here of how this SDL chichi raj

may affect you you've got this property

for 250,000 pounds and you can see that

the amount of SCO sees that you'll need

to pay equal to let's take another

example of a property of 400,000 pounds

and again we could see the amount of

more money that you're gonna have to pay

for SDRT so does this affect you if so

please make sure that you write yes and

describe how it's affecting you if it's

not affecting you tapping no I mean tell

me why it's not affecting you okay so we

know what the problem is this 3% has

dealt you so just and what can be done

about it well you'll be pleased to know

I'm not creating this video just to be

downbeat I'll leave that to some other

organization I want to describe to you

some solutions hind legs and let's have

a look at this one

this is when you buy a residential flat

but you bind above a shop of some nature

and what I've described to you too here

is mixed use white mixed use really

important while Mick juice is important

because you have this whole issue of

sdlt you do not pay the 3% str2 charge

on mixed use properties which is great

news because it does mean is still by

residential properties but you don't

have to pay the proof set surcharge and

you're buying a commercial property as

well now you may even use it from your

own office if you like and it's further

examples of this is typically when you

find you go to a local shopping centers

and you will find these properties out

and abound

normally you buy them together you know

honestly so do have a look around there

are a few options for you to look at and

the second option I want to describe to

you is buying commercial property or

what should say non residential

properties and non-research produce for

you and me is officers you may have

shops you may have warehouses there are

number of others but I want to focus on

in this example I will talk about

commercial properties and offices now

you may go to your accountants and there

are local accounts and any that may be

what you could be working in the type of

a home I guess a dentists also when you

go to a dentist sometimes they are a

boutique and therefore they're on it in

the corner of a residential housing and

it does indeed look like a house now if

those type of properties are coming up

for sale I would suggest that you look

to buy them and last because you are

again if you're all going to be blocked

by those properties they value is are

typically in line with residential

properties but the best thing about this

is that you pay non-residential rates

which is great news

because you're saving all of this money

and if if you're buying the sub

properties you can then convert them

into residential

properties that's a fantastic saving but

here's an extra saving for you is that

the v80 of converting a commercial

property to residential you may be able

to reduce it from 20% which is you

standard break to be 80 and reduce it by

15% down to 5% now if you are referring

property of let's say 20 thousand pounds

to convert that property and there are

some nuances so you do need to get some

expertise advice around this area but if

you have a 20,000 pound refurb going on

then you can see how much meeting you be

at save so we are totally talking about

SDRT saving as well as v8t savings so

it's time maybe to look around the types

of properties that you've been buying in

the past and then changing your focus

around these commercial buildings and

you won't be in that much competition

because how many people really think of

this so the guys can you see how this

strategy can help you save tax if you

can typing yes in the comments below and

tell me how you're good to introduce

this strategy if you can't see how this

stretch is going to save new tanks

please type in know with any questions

that you may have and I promise to

answer those within 24 hours to make

sure that you can see tax in the future

thank you guys for listening today and I

hope you have a great week