Children Exposed to Secondhand Smoke - American Medical Association (AMA)

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I had to like get away from the smoke

real quick because if because I felt

like if I did it I would like like stop

breathing for a minute my chest gets

tight and I feel like my lungs are

squeezing together and I can't really

breathe it feels like my heart is

beating so really fast now it feels like

leather under the water and you can't

you can breathe many of us already know

that smoking cigarettes is bad for your

health it causes cancer heart and

breathing problems but sometimes we

don't think how cigarette and cigar

smoke might also be hurting someone else

like your children problems that

children can develop if they're exposed

to cigarette smoke or secondhand smoke

includes problems like respiratory tract

infections including bronchitis and

pneumonia they can also experience ear

infections as a result of secondhand

smoke and they can also have more asthma

symptoms and more asthma attacks if

they're exposed to secondhand smoke

secondhand smoke is the smoke that comes

from the burning end of a cigarette or

cigar it's also the smoke breathed out

by a smoker when someone breathes in

this secondhand smoke it can be just as

harmful as actually smoking I've seen

children have very severe asthma attacks

after having an exposure to secondhand

smoke attacks that are so bad that they

required hospitalization in our

intensive care unit secondhand smoke can

also cause lung cancer and heart attacks

in adults who do not smoke there are

more than 4,800 different chemicals and

gases in secondhand smoke 250 of them

are toxic and act as poisons in the body

these include arsenic cyanide and carbon

monoxide in a deadly combination it is

not something that anyone especially

children should be breathing

we estimate that 43% of children between

the ages of 2 and 11 years are exposed

to secondhand smoke we also know that

40% that's nearly half of children who

end up in the emergency department

because of asthma problems are exposed

to secondhand smoke secondhand smoke in

the home is especially harmful to

children those who live in homes where

people smoke get sick more often with

coughs breathing problems such as asthma

and ear infections they're more likely

to miss days of school and children

whose parents smoke are twice as likely

to become smokers themselves they told

me that secondhand smoke would sugar has

asked if and we smoke around him

anything but to smoke outside very young

children commonly have lots of viral

infections but if those same children

let's say children less than 2 years of

age are living in a home with the smoker

they're also going to be susceptible to

having more wheezing or shortness of

breath or difficulty handling those

viral infections and parents don't

realize it but sometimes when kids have

these symptoms separate from a viral

infection these could be the early

warning signs of asthma and if there's a

smoker in the home it's very likely that

secondhand smoke is the trigger for

their young child symptoms according to

the Environmental Protection Agency an

estimated 1 million children with asthma

have their condition made worse by

breathing secondhand smoke we've had a

few pretty scary and instances where I'm

driving to the emergency room and she's

turning blue on me just because she

can't breathe my husband started acting

up and when we arrived at the emergency

room I couldn't breathe it all estaba yo

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we know that secondhand smoke causes

premature death both in children and

non-smoking adults it causes heart

disease in lung cancer and children can

be born with or can develop asthma

respiratory tract and ear infections

people have a lot of misconceptions

about secondhand smoke a lot of people

think that it's okay to be exposed to a

little bit but a lot of exposure is bad

that's not really true even a small

amount of exposure can be harmful people

also think that it's okay to smoke in

the home or in the car as long as a

window is open but that's not true

either you're still going to expose that

child to some smoke and the smoke can

linger in the home or in the car even in

the fabric and furniture and the car

seats for a long time people also think

it's okay to smoke as long as their

child is at home or maybe when their

child is asleep in bed but that's also

not a good idea because the smoke can

linger in the household for a long time

I have to tell my family and my friends

don't smoke around them because it would

trigger his ass when someone smokes

inside a home or any enclosed space

everyone inside breathes the second-hand

smoke babies are especially at risk and

mothers who smoke while pregnant are

more likely to have their babies born

with breathing problems or worse smoking

during pregnancy is a very dangerous

thing research has shown that mothers

who smoke during the pregnancy have

babies who are at increased risk to die

of sudden infant death syndrome which is

a very severe problem and can occur

without warning make your home in your

car smoke-free be sure wherever you take

your child is smoke-free if you smoke do

it outside the home in an open area away

from children when out in public make a

point to go only to non-smoking places

it's not so much about being confident

about asking someone to not smoke you're

doing it for the benefit of your child's

health and anything that's going to

benefit your child from not being sick

or to not trigger them into an attack

should in

raise any problems within yourself to

ask somebody to stop or within your

friends and family because if they care

about you they'll respect your wishes

and your child did not do it around them

if people are smoking ask them to please

not smoke in your home or car and teach

your children how to avoid secondhand

smoke my recommendations for parents are

to designate their home is being smoke

free to remove lighters and ashtrays

from their home to put up stickers or

reminders that their home is smoke-free

and that they shouldn't smoke in the car

either if your child has trouble

breathing or shortness of breath talk to

a doctor doctors had lectured me and

warned me about the effects of

secondhand smoke on asthmatics and for

the sake of my daughter I felt it was

beneficial for me to quit smoking for

hers and my benefit for more information

about secondhand smoke and quitting


talk to your doctor nurse or health care

provider or call 1-800 quit now or visit

these websites keeping a smoke-free home

can help improve your health the health

of your children and your community I've

said Dan um can you please stop smoking

if I could do one thing it was to tell

my dad and my brother that don't is my

grandma I will wish for my mom to stop

smoking so her and me get better