How to Do a 24 Hour Detox: Avoid 3 Things

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people these days seem to be really

really interested in cleanses and detox

and reboots and it's honestly it's kind

of the hot word right now right it's the

buzz words the buzz phrase green juice

detox cleanse 14-day 30-day there's

probably going to be a one day detox

next because you know everyone wants

everything faster and shorter and easier

so what should you actually be doing on

the cleanser detox and what should you

actually eat what's up ladies and gents

it is Alekhine over at modern health

muncom so there are actually three core

things right I'm going to call this the

24-hour detox because apparently 30 days

was too long now 14 days is too long so

I'll do a 24-hour just for you know the

ADHD among us give you faster results

here are the three things I recommend

okay Detox's detoxes are not supposed to

be fun it's not supposed to be a

long-term thing and in fact you may not

know this but the body is always

detoxing it does not need real conscious

detoxing now having said that if you

have low energy if you do want to

jumpstart your progress if you do want

to do an elimination diet for a few

weeks to see how you feel or your

Energy's crap here are the three things

I would avoid so we're going to jump

into these three things what to avoid

why and then the underlying reason for

keeping everything else and removing

these three so the things to avoid for

as little as 24 hours or as long as a

few weeks I highly recommend trying it

just as yeah you feel our carbs yes all

carbs except for plants intoxicants and

I use that word very loosely in quotes

and sugar so when I say carbs the reason

for that is first of all you're going to

remove bread pasta potato anything that

is a carb source you're going to totally

remove okay that means the only carbs

you can eat are going to be plants yeah

that means broccoli that means salad

that means lettuce that means some of

the boring stuff you can cook it in

olive oil you can add plenty of fat you

can have salt pepper if you want a

little bit of that so removing all of

the grains all of the potatoes all that

kind of stuff the reason for that is

first of all we're following a low

fodmap or a specific carbohydrate diet

here the low fodmap diet is really

removing all known food

allergen so anything that could

potentially bother someone's gi or

irritate the gut or even bug the stomach

is going to be removed here so grains

sometimes can be constipating in people

especially if it's white or refined

flour they also can have phytic acid

which can bind with minerals and cause

phytates depends on the person depends

on a lot of factors whether or not that

really impairs nutrient absorption but

really to be perfectly safe

remove all carbs and again a longer kind

of cycle is because of the specific

carbohydrate diet which suggests that an

ongoing cause of IBS and diverticulitis

and all these kinds of GI illnesses is

because of bacterial buildup in the gut

due to over consumption of certain carb

sources and by removing them for an

extended period of time

you can starve the bacteria reduce some

of the bloating and so on and so forth

and ms diet personally has been a

godsend from you with my own IBS so I

know that in a long run if you want to

do it for a few weeks

see how you feel and that's ultimately

that's ultimately the only test now the

second thing is removing all intoxicants

and I use that word very loosely in


it's just means removing anything that

alters your physiology or your mind

removing coffee removing alcohol

removing anything like that in between

the first is that coffee for a lot of

people irritates the gut irritates the

stomach can can influence acid reflux

they also influence hormones in your

body so stimulants increase cortisol in

your body the stress hormone alcohol

influences estrogen so an important

female hormone but for many of us that

are already overweight estrogen levels

are already too high so removing alcohol

will help reestablish the balance it's

also good as well for improving sleep

and things like that so again the point

of this is to be very Spartan it's not

designed to be a day to day diet it's

not designed to be fun but designed to

be sustainable it's designed to be

short-term and the third thing to remove

is obviously sugar the reason for that

is it affects just about everything in

the body it can impair the immune system

it can help feed the bad bacteria in

your gut it can cause a whole host of

other things in the body besides just

overeating besides just fat storage and

things like that so carbs intoxicants

loose we're using that word and sugar so

that is your ultimate 24-hour detox

those three things

Barb's intoxicants quote-unquote and

sugar okay those are the main three

things want you to avoid try them out

see how you feel and tell me below so

that is your time you have for today

avoid these three things okay that is

really your 24-hour quote-unquote detox

those are some of the main things that

potentially irritate the body worsen or

exacerbate conditions and again just

removing them you'll probably feel

better and you can reintroduce see what

works for you see what doesn't there if

you're on YouTube going over to modern

health Montcalm is a real food

weight-loss habits guide for you they're

the exact five habits you need to know

leave that comment below like I

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