Turn Off 2 Step Verification in Gmail Account

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hi dear friends we'll come back to my

channel and today in this video I'm

gonna show you how to turn off our

disable to escape verification from your

gmail account

easily actually we unableto a star

verification for better security right

but sometimes we need to turn it off so

in this video I'm going to show you the

easiest process so before starting the

process Alaska something that please

subscribe my channel and give also like

that video so let's start so first of

all just update your Gmail application

from Google Play Store because if you

updated that Tim it will give you much


so after updating your Gmail application

just open it and log in your dad gmail

ID in this Gmail application so after

that you can see in here on console icon

I mean your account icon so just click

on it and then click on the manage your

Google Account option in here and just

you can see in here security option ok

so I'll just click on the security of

home and you can see in here two extra

verification already on so just tap on

it and it will redirect it to your phone

default browser okay so wait please and

it will ask for your gmail ID and then

your gmail password ok so just I give

your Gmail password so let me give it so

after giving your Gmail password just

click on the next option and wait for

few second and then you will get this

kind of interface in here ok

so just click on the turn off option in

here and then again click on the turn

off and it's processing and your two

astrov verification already turned off

you can see from the earth there is no

two astir verification available so by

this process you can turn off your

account to Esther verification so thank

you so much for watching this video