How To Get Rid Of Forehead Wrinkles In Less Than 3 Minutes A Day

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really you know spreading a jar or

anything because you want to sanitize it

so that's why I always have alcohol okay

so I use this at night and I use this at

night 2.0 mornings sometimes and a spoon

is a great way put in a pocket and use

it all right

and I haven't noticed so many people who

are writing me about that online you

know not be able to get rid of when I

pay attention to their pictures I see a

little tightness right here here the

neck area ok and when I point it out oh

by the way I think you have a little

tightness between your shoulder or neck


many many people say how did you know

how can you tell you have a line here I

said it's related to stress anxiety or

any any tension you carry and when you

have a patient where you feel a tension

right here right right here so when I

look at a people's picture when people

ask me what can I do together 11 lines I

forced you awesome you know some tricks

but also right here

I tell them relax right here and do the

body pauses and when you relax and

release of tension from your shoulder

area you feel relaxed on your forehead

so it helps you to relax your forehead

and as a result you are going to feel

more relaxed my shoulder area - it

doesn't make sense that's why when I

look at the person's face the picture

and when I see the really tightness like

almost like this I can't really show you

because I don't have see like this okay

I'm relaxed right now okay and if the

person is good tight see that my little

muscle right here oh right this is good

I hear

sure pretty much every level mines so by

relaxing the bigger muscle shoulder area

you relax a full head so that's why I

recommend warm-up poses and many people

say why have to do all the poses you can

skip them but by doing the shoulder

blades rotation for instance or when

you're in a conscious use this time to

relax your shoulders so that it shows on

your face and it's very difficult for

you to make level lines when you bought

his saw relaxed

imagine that you're getting massaged

amazing beautiful massage can you type

your forehead muscle but when you're

having a little pain on side you're

stressed so easy to every level lines

that up did I make sense okay so do the

body pose do the shoulder rotation if

you really want to get rid of a level

lines and imagine that your

manifestation whatever you think it

shows up from here so don't blame it on

the you know your age I have people who

are in 80s and even 90s and they're

doing face yoga exercises and they're

getting result so don't say that oh I'm

50 I'm too old no and don't say that oh

I'm a 48 I'm getting old yes you're

getting old

but you are the youngest because

tomorrow you're older okay so now um I

am going to start taking questions and

like I said