401k Early Withdrawal Exceptions | NO PENALTY

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- Are you sitting there trying to figure out all

of those 401K early withdrawal exceptions

so you can access your hard-earned money?

Well stay tuned because I am going to show you

how you can access your 401K money

without having to worry about those exceptions

and there's no penalty and I'm not kidding.

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You guys, I was so excited when I learned this.

I am Heather and I am here to help you ditch corporate

and create a freedom-based business

so you can get on with it and live your life,

your dreams, your way.

And today, I am going to show you exactly how

to tap into your 401K money that you have already earned

and not have to worry about all of those exceptions.

And I know because I did it

and I even bought a boat with it

and guess what?

It is totally government-approved legit.

Like this is a seriously real thing

so I want you guys to really pay attention.

This is a game-changer.

Now there are lots of ways to access your 401K money early

but most of those involve figuring out

if you fall into one of the exceptions.

There are a number of them.

One of them is if you're a first-time home buyer,

you can get access to your 401K money

without paying that 10% penalty

plus you do have to pay income tax on that money.

So we're talking a huge amount of money

if you want access to your 401K money.

You're going to give up a lot of it

but I'm not talking about how to make sure you fit

into one of the exceptions.

Now many of you may already be aware

but there is an avenue called a self-directed IRA

and that is where you have control over your money

and you can invest it in things like real estate

or individual stocks if you choose.

And the self-directed IRA does not have a penalty associated

with it at all but I'm not even talking about that

because with a traditional self-directed IRA,

while you can start or purchase a business,

you cannot be an employee of the business

and gain an income from it.

That is what I'm talking about.

That is where you are going to actually be able

to use your 401K money to put money in your own pocket.

It is actually a sub-category of a self-directed IRA.

Now if you fit that category,

if you want to be able to access your own

hard-earned 401K money and put it to work for you

so you can actually start getting an income on it now,

then type in the comments below,

I want my money!

So there is a special category of self-directed IRA.

It is called ROBS, which is a Rollover Business Startup.

Now, here is fundamentally how it works

and this is why different

from a traditional self-directed IRA.

With a ROBS account, you can actually

become an employee of the business you purchase

or start and start paying yourself.

Now the income that you're going to pay yourself

that is generated by that business,

that income is taxable as income tax

but the 401K money that you already have

and that was sitting there,

that you rolled into this new ROBS account,

there is no penalty involved with that

and it is not taxed until you actually withdraw it,

just like a traditional IRA or 401K.

So it allows you to use and access

your own money to build your own business,

where you can be an employee and actually get an income.

It is genius!

Now the best way to explain how it works

is to probably give you my own personal example

that we did.

So we had some money in a 401K

but we really wanted to start up a business.

Now the business we chose to start

is a sailboat charter rental business,

which is awesome because now we have

this really cool catamaran that we purchased

with our 401K money, no penalty,

no taxes assessed to it

because we rolled it into this ROBS account.

And in that account, a corporation was created.

That corporation starts its own 401K

and that is what purchases the assets for the business,

in our case, the boat.

Now to be very clear,

this is a real and legitimate business.

We really do have a boat.

We really do charter it out.

I'm gonna put a link to it below just so you can see

and it generates income.

Now the best part is that we can now be employees

of that business.

So when it's making money,

we can pay ourselves and it is completely legitimate,

completely above board and all we do is pay income tax

on the income we generate.

But none of the other money that was used

to purchase the assets or to run the business

is taxed or penalized.

So, again, this is the option for you

if you want to create or purchase a business

and you want to be an employee of that business

and actually get money every single month.

And that's what we do.

So now you know the secret

that you actually can tap into your 401K money,

not be penalized and not pay taxes on it

until you withdraw it later in order

to start generating an income for yourself now.

But it is a little bit complicated

and there are only a handful of firms

that handles this across the United States.

Now we use guidance and I will put a link

to their informational PDF below.

It is full of information.

It is so well laid out.

It is very clear.

It is well worth your time to get that

and look at it to see if this is a good option for you.

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I am very excited to be with you on this journey.

I hope you do get that PDF below

because it will open up the world of possibilities for you

to create your freedom-based business

and finally ditch the corporate grind.

I will see you next time on The Freedom Strategy.

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