🤰How to avoid unwanted Pregnancy with Home Remedies | How to avoid Pregnancy🤰Naturally & safe👍

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hi my dear friends welcome back to my

channel i hope you're doing well so

today we're going to

sort out one big problem which is

unwanted pregnancy

it's like you missed your period and you

don't know why after a few weeks you

did the pregnancy test which is not

clear either so you got confused you are

like what's going on with your

with my body like you couldn't find out

and it wasn't planned

what to do in that situation so don't


i'm going to share a home remedy with

you after seeing a result

so let's see what is that

first and easy method do integrals this

method would be provide another layer of


and try to avoid your ovalization period


so for that you can check the link in i

button i explained deeply

in that video so this is really good way

to work pregnancy

next method you have to eat one raw

papaya every day

and you have to drink one a big glass of

pomegranate juice but you have to add

two things in that

one teaspoon of jaggery or you can add

brown sugar and one teaspoon of cinnamon


to add in a pomegranate juice and drink

it every day

one large glass

soaked one tablespoon of sesame seeds

overnight and in the morning

add one tablespoon of honey and eat it

every day

next and last thing you have to drink

fenugreek tea

once a day or maximum you can have it

twice a day is totally up to you

and you can check the link in the i

button or in the description box to see

how to make it if i say it in a simple


then whatever doctor told you to avoid

in your first semester whenever you get

pregnant that's what you're going to

eat it now simple as that to understand

so i'm going to repeat it again you have

to add these four of them

into your daily diet plan that's how

it's gonna work

you have to continue it for one week try

it for one week and then

check your pregnancy test and you can

continue this for two weeks maximum

after that you have to stop it if

something is not clear for you you can

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be happy take care i will back soon bye