How to beat premium-rate telephone numbers

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the next time you need to phone a

company or service think before you dial

numbers that start oh eight double 408

four five oh eight 700 or ra seven one

will cost you more than geographical

numbers that begin Oh 102 or oh three

calls to these numbers will cost up to

ten PM innit

so you could see your phone bill shoot

up if you have a complicated inquiry or

more likely have to hold for awhile well

Oh eight seven Oh calls must be included

in all call bundles or inclusive minutes

phone providers can get out of this by

making the exclusion clear in their

advertising or promotional info plus

other Oh 8 numbers are likely to pour

outside any bundle you enjoy from your

home phone provider and will almost

definitely be excluded from any free

minutes you receive from your mobile

phone operator you may also not know

that the vast majority of mobile phone

packages will charge for calls to free

phone numbers starting a 800 or 808

companies which use are 871 are allowed

to revenue share with the phone service


so the longer you stay on the phone the

more money it'll make from you some

phone operators are starting to include

a 8:45 and Oh 8 700 on some packages so

if you call these numbers often it might

be worth switching your provider however

the easiest way to avoid shelling out

for premium rate numbers is to avoid

them altogether the website say no 208 7

Oh calm is one of the best resources

there is it lists countless companies

and provides their geographical and even

free phone numbers which can be dialed

as an alternative to the o8 number

advertised the website also has a free

iPhone app so you can find alternative

numbers on the go if you can't find a

company on this site don't despair most

companies will provide a calling from

overseas number on their websites which

should begin with the format +4 4 this

is a normal rate telephone number and

can be used even when calling from

within the UK meaning you pay nothing if

you have inclusive minutes provided by

your landline

mobile phone provider alternatively if

there's a geographic number of the head

office listed on the website then pull

this and ask to be transferred to

customer services another option is to

use a telephone discounters such as 180

185 KO dot uk' all you do is dial the

prefix before the telephone number of

the company you want to reach and you

should pay a cheaper rate prices do vary

however so it pays to do your sums first