How to Make an International Call From a Cell Phone

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hi I'm Ben from the cellphone broker in

San Jose California today I'm going to

show you how to make an international

call from your cell phone there's two

ways that you can do this the first is

you can purchase a prepaid calling card

and that will bring down your wireless

carrier rates a lot of wireless carriers

charge extra if you're calling

internationally they'll charge up to $2

a minute depending upon where you're

calling so if you purchase a prepaid

calling card that will bring that down

and then you'll just pay for the calling

card you'll pay for your normal minutes

that you use on the cell phone from your

cell phone without the use of a calling

card what you can do is you will dial

zero-one-one this is true on any country

that you're calling dial zero-one-one

and then dial the country code let's say

I'm calling my dad in the Philippines

right now 0 1 1 then I'll dial 6 3 and

then I'll dial his local number which

would be something like that I'm not

exactly sure what it is but it would be

something like that and then I would hit

dial and it would dial that number so 0

1 1 is always going to be dialed before

the country code and then before the

countries area code we're recalling 0 1

1 is kind of just there to let the

company or the carrier know that you're

dialing internationally before you place

the call so that will always be there

even if you're using a calling card

you'll dial the the pin number from the

calling card and then you will dial the

0 1 1 country code followed by the area

code and then followed by the phone

number you can look up the country code

that you're trying to the country that

you're trying to call by going online

and just googling that country's country

code let's say I'm looking for the the

country code for the Philippines I'll

just type in on Google Philippines

country code and it popped up the the

first website that was on there it said

the the country code was 63 so you can

do that with any country just go look it

up on a search engine and it'll pop up

right away I'm Ben from the cell phone

broker in San Jose California check out

our web page myspace comm slash cell

phone broker