How to remove blank/ zero values from a graph in excel

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okay so sometimes you can have like

values in a table and the vlookup

formula will see these as zero values

and so if you plot it in a graph the

line will jump downwards to zero even if

this isn't a real value you can get

around this by putting an if formula

around the vlookup formula if you can't

if open brackets and then you say that

if this is equal to zero you want it to

become non applicable then you need to

copy and paste easy you look up formula

ctrl C to copy ctrl V to paste to get it

to plot the actual value if it's not

equal to zero and then you need to close

brackets and press Enter and again you

can click and drag this across all the

way to the end and you're seeing now

that all of the blanks on you have

become not applicable and the lines in

the graph that we're dropping down have

disappeared now depending on the

circumstances there's other things that

you can do to get rid of Bank and empty

cells if you right-click on the graph

and go to select data and then go to

hidden and empty cells you can change

out the graph or show empty valve now if

that also doesn't work you can go to

file and options go to advanced and then

scroll down to look for display options

for this worksheet and you can unselect

show a zero in cells that have zero

value and then press ok and this will

make all of the zeros in the worksheet

disappear like so okay and that's it