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Steve here raking profit over at raking

profit.com coming back to you with

another live video from inside of my car

just running some errands getting ready

to drop off a couple packages which are

sitting on my passenger seat over at

USPS just literally got done dropping

off a couple about four boxes to USPS

just got most of my textbooks shipped in

that I purchased with my favorite a flip

software for the textbook season which

should be starting the first week in

January maybe a couple days before but I

want to make this video for a simple

reason and to answer the question of

should you sell to buyers on eBay who

have zero feedback and kind of want to

give you my two cents on this so there's

a couple reasons why I'm making this

video number one my friend over at the

gym he's a personal trainer he's not my

trainer but he's a buddy that works over

there he had sold one of his first pair

of shoes recently on eBay and it was a

very rare pair of Jordans

and he had gotten and received tons of

offers and most of the offers were

coming internationally and most of them

had zero feedback and I warned him I

told him when you're selling certain

items like sneakers things that have to

do with like training like like computer

parts and if it's like a a cell phone or

Apple products stuff like that when

you're selling to people laptops

computers when you're selling to people

with zero feedback you're putting your

item in jeopardy you are because at the

end of the day eBay is always going to

protect the buyer the most they are at

the end of the day and I remember

watching a video from my friend

Craigslist hunter on YouTube and he had

sold a laptop and he received back ended

up getting returned and he received back

a box with the equal amount of weight of

the item except instead of it being a

laptop it was a box of rocks so you do

hold the

risk of getting scammed by people who

have zero feedback so I'll be honest

with you I wouldn't sell certain items

to people with zero feedback I think

it's very risky now there is a setting

that you can I don't know if it's

changed but I believe there was a

setting that the person can't have like

a specific or a certain type of feedback

or like I think it's like they have to

have at least one or two feedback to

sell to them correct me if I'm wrong if

that option is still available I

remember I used to set it to that but

I'd be very careful selling to people

with zero feedback matter of fact I just

sold a camera lens it was a a canon lens

and I sold it last night for forty one

dollars and I they had zero feedback and

I said to myself I was in the grocery

store I said to myself I have a feeling

this is gonna be a problem I said that

to myself I have a feeling this is gonna

be a problem

and you know your gut is typically right

the majority of the time and what do you

know the next day I just got a message

literally two minutes ago I can't make

this stuff up guys I just got a message

and they said oh okay let me take a step

back I sent them a message this morning

because they didn't pay last night and I

had to feel like something was gonna go

wrong I'm leaving on vacation Wednesday

morning I'm going to Los Angeles it's

actually a business meeting I'm going to

a business mastermind for two days and

I'm vacationing in Venice California

anyways I sent them a message and I said

hey I noticed that you purchased these

this item you're gonna have to make

payment by tomorrow the latest because

I'm gonna be leaving and I'm not gonna

be able to ship it out until a week from

now if you don't if you don't pay me so

I could ship it out today or tomorrow

they just responded back to me and said

I didn't purchase this item that was the

exact thing that they said to me they

told me I did not purchase this item now

typically what I would do is just say

alright sure no problem

but I just had to play with them a

little bit and I asked them well who

purchased it question mark I just wanted

to see what they would say I was having

a little bit of fun and their response

was what was the response I don't know

it must have been a mistake that was

their response typically the response

I'll get is my child purchased it or a

friend purchased it

and it's so funny because it's like you

got your children and your friends on

your eBay account just randomly

purchasing things no either a they were

trying to scam you and they decided not

to or B I don't know what what is the

reason maybe buyer's remorse possibly

what's that lucid dream are good to see

you so I'm very hesitant selling to

people with zero feedback but at the

same time I don't like to discriminate

it's one of those things where I'm kind

of contradicting myself because you've

got to give people a chance I've sold

over the last five or six years I've

probably so - like maybe 40 or 50 people

with zero feedback and I've only gotten

screwed over maybe two or three times

okay I probably had issues like five or

six times but I only got screwed over

maybe a couple of times

I got scammed one time from a guy who

what the heck did I sell it was a what's

that high-end pin it's a pin like you

write with a pen that starts with a B

what's the name of that brand again I

forgot but I sold that pin and he sent

me back something else it wasn't a pen

obviously and I opened up a case with

eBay and I lost right and I opened up

another case with PayPal eBay

I just lost there's nothing I could do

so I lost sound like 200 dollars

something like that or 160 I paid 10 so

it is what it is but yeah I've gotten

screwed over a couple times selling to

people with zero feedback on eBay so

just be very careful there's certain

items that are gonna be higher risk

items cellphones laptops electronics in

general anything to do with you know

Apple Sony Music stuff

silver gold jewelry things like that so

um hey what's up lucid dreamer $4.99

super chat I appreciate that well good

morning to you it's not morning over

here it's about three o'clock in the

afternoon but appreciate you mike says I

need to start focusing on eBay more I

guess don't books FBA but haven't made

any money after two months if you're not

making money after two months of selling

books you're buying crappy books you're

buying books that don't have that large

of a market they're probably super high

ranked if you're selling as a merchant

you're up against the wall

your backs against the wall because most

people are buying from prime sellers I

would say if you're looking for decent

sales me me since I have sold many times

to people with zero feedback and I have

had a few of them being scams it happens

when you're dealing with people zero

feedback you don't know who they are

you have no idea if they're a good

person or a bad person now I have the

mindset that most people are good people

most people are trustworthy most people

are loyal respectful people but

especially during the holiday season you

know people are in need of money and

some people are willing to do whatever

it takes to get money you know so it is

what it is those you know that's my two

cents I want to know in the comments how

many times have you sold to somebody

with zero feedback and how many times

have you gotten screwed over Marco says

what about the people who buy as a guest

check out what is that guess check out I

mean they still have to buy under an

account so you can see the feedback I

just I'm not sure what you're talking


Mimi says it has happened to me with

higher end items yeah so it's specific

products and obviously higher end items

100 $200 items it's gonna be worth the

scammers time to scam you on that twice

or the last hundred plus items so it

looks like the scam rate based on my

experience and it looks like based on

some of your guys's experience the scam

rate of eBay buyers with zero feedback

is somewhere between one to five percent

so if you sell a hundred items to people

with zero feedback you're probably gonna

get scammed at least a couple of times

right lucid dreamer 50/50 that's a

pretty high scam rate right there what's

up the truth love that name good to see


Kristen says I'm getting scammed on

Poshmark way more than eBay really I

don't know much about scams on Poshmark

but feel free to share your story what's

up Lisa Kay always great to see you in

the comments I recognize a couple of

people who are on the live show earlier

with Tyler and Ben we were talking about

some dropshipping strategies and

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it was great seeing you

what's his YouTube channel name Wayne

Wade yeah Wade's ventures who's going to

see you over there

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now that I've been learning a lot about

the new software that I'm learning about

and that Tyler is having a lot of

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definitely gonna be coming to you guys

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videos a bunch of cool stuff

what up Cody we got Australia in the

house miss your brother hopefully you're

doing well hey Mary Chris Chris Mary

Krispy Kreme Mary crisp I got doughnuts

on my mind Merry Christmas lucid dreamer

me me I've just sold to two buyers the

other day with no feedback and had no

issues it's it's a roll of a dice I

would say if you're selling to a ebay

buyer that has zero feedback and your

item is less than twenty bucks I

wouldn't worry about it I wouldn't worry

about it at all if your items selling

for fifty to a hundred dollars

especially if it's over a hundred

dollars if it's over two hundred dollars

you better be very freaking careful

selling to somebody with zero feedback

because at the end of the day they could

send you back a bag of rocks what's

gonna stop them what's gonna stop them

as long as the weight equates to what

was in that box how are they gonna prove

how're they gonna prove it maybe they

just maybe they've been using this

account they have good feedback eBay is

always gonna side with the buyer now

maybe there's some I don't you basically

making some change

I don't want to like say 100% sure they

always side with the buyer so I'll take

that back but for the most part they

definitely side with the buyer and I

don't blame them it's what's best for

their business hey glad you like the

video Lisa Ginny says I was getting

screwed over a lot in a short period I

complained and I haven't had the problem

again since I feel like maybe it was one

person it could have been don't be

scared to black people don't be scared

to black people get signature

confirmation so yeah signature

confirmation well assure that they

received the item you can prove that

they received the item right so that's

very important Lisa says did you see

Starla's video about ebay I'm not sure

send me an email if you could thrift

store thrift store gold is officially in

the house with the best name how much do

you have to make to have to pay taxes on

eBay well you're gonna get a 1099 if you

sell 200 items on eBay and $20,000 in

gross sales through your PayPal account

so you will receive a 1099 but

technically you're supposed to pay taxes

on all income earned but of course

that's up to you and you know I guess

the government wouldn't officially know

right but you know that's up to you

hey Marco says nice Tony Robbins why do

you like that I went to two Tony Robbins

conferences this year one in San Jose

both unleash the power within and I

recently went to one in New Jersey so

you know you got to be investing in your

mind so many people are looking for the

next strategy or the next business model

or they think it's drop shipping or they

think it's private label or they think

it's wholesale and I'll tell you the

truth all of those things could take you

to your goals those are all vehicles

that can get you to your goals but at

the end of the day what's controlling

everything in your life is your mind so

I always invest in my mind I'm always

going through courses tutorials Think

and Grow Rich great book Napoleon Hill

you know Tony Robbins so you know it's

one of those things you can learn the

best business models you can take the

best business books and courses and all

that but at the end of the day if you


learn to develop the skills that you

know your mind uses like patience and

discipline and you know all those

different things it's gonna be tough

lisa says when are you going to have a

meet-up I'm actually gonna have another

Connecticut meetup in January so I'm

gonna probably solidify that date over

the next week over the next week or two

and I'll let you guys know if you're not

in the Connecticut

thrifting meetup group it's CT thrifting

meetup on Facebook you can join that

it's free lucid dreamer have you ever

been to a to a Tony Robbins event next

year I'm gonna be going to the $5,000

program so the ones I go to are usually

around a thousand bucks

the unleash the power within but I'm

ready to take it to the next level so

I'm gonna be going with I wanted to go

to a to the date with destiny this year

but I actually ended up going to a while

I'm going to a mastermind in Los Angeles

it's a $5,000 mastermind so I don't just

preach you know some of the people are

like investing yourself invest in

yourself you know buy this course buy

this course and then it's like well what

courses have you bought what have you

invested in and they don't even invest

in themselves like I I preached courses

I preached self-development I preached

seminars all that stuff because that's

what I'm doing and I notice every time I

invest in myself I get back so much more

right sometimes you don't see it the

first month in the third month but um

you know that's the highest level is

investing in your mind investing in your

education right there's you know

different levels that you can invest in

yourself right YouTube videos is kind of

like think of it like a pyramid and I

had learned this from my mentor Stephan

Pilar knows but in terms of like

investing in yourself like at the lowest

part is like YouTube videos they're free

but a lot of times they're not the

highest quality you have to sift through

like tons of time in hours of content

and it's like not step by step and a lot

of times it's used for like marketing

tools and stuff hey I want to give a

shout out to Michael s I appreciate that

going to start with Ty's any idea from

bulk buying Ty's at the Ben store just

cherry pick at the thrift I would share

you pick up the thrift or go if you have

the bins I would just pretty much buy

everything but I would study up

definitely get the the guide 101 killer

Thai brands check that

it's ranking profit coms last highs look

for those brands but if you're getting

from the bins for 15 20 cents you could

sell ties for 8 8 or 9 bucks but yeah

back to that pyramid of investing in

herself you've got at the bottom of the

pyramid is free podcast free youtube

videos a lot of that stuff's gonna take

a lot of time you're gonna get some

value but it's usually not the best next

up is ebooks so you can usually read a

book and you can get a lot more

information it's easier to consume after

that you have some times like ebooks

video courses is a little higher up then

you have seminars conferences

masterminds and then you have one-on-one

coaching right so obviously when you

start to get up to the top of the

pyramid it's more expensive but you're

able to save a lot more time you're able

to get the information that you want and

you're able to get to your result that

you're after much faster because you

know with coaching like going through a

course versus one-on-one coaching of

course yeah everything's step by step

but you're not really getting that

feedback instantly you might have to

post a question to the lecturer or you

might have to post on the Facebook group

you're gonna have to apply it and see

what happens and wait for feedback to

come whereas when you have a coach or

you got a mastermind you could get that

instant feedback but you've got to pay

up for it so I'm going to a mastermind

I'm actually going to Stephan pole

arrows project life mastery his

mastermind in Venice California

I am leaving I'm actually going my

girlfriend she's not going to the event

but um we're gonna vacation out there a

couple days before and after so yeah you

got to invest in yourself for sure the

queen of good sized village says love

your videos thanks for all the

inspiration and information that's gold

hey thanks so much for the compliment I

appreciate that

yo-yo says word that's what I use now it

was not and what I thought was optimal

but wasn't too sure what's up Angie good

to see you in the house yeah shame Jay

is asking have you heard about the event

funnel hacking live yeah I went to

funnel hacking live in Orlando last year

it's by Russell Brunson he's got some

great books dot-com secrets one of my

favorite books of all time if you're

building a personal brand affiliate

marketing selling products or even

private label wholesale

if you're building your own brand

definitely a great book to read but yeah

funnel hacking live is awesome I

actually just signed up for another

conference I'm going in February to

traffic and conversion by Ryan dice so

they have the they have the blog called

what is it digital marketer calm so

always investing in myself but yeah it's

a great conference to go to Michael J

Boyle says can you make a video on ways

to list stuff on eBay quickly yeah sure

I have created videos in the past I

think I have a video of like how to list

an item in three minutes or less but

really the best way to list an item fast

is directly on your phone so just

listing on your phone selling similar

you hit that button that functionality

will pretty much copy the whole listing

go go ahead snap your pictures really

quick make sure you have good lighting

having good lighting will allow you to

take pictures so much quicker copy the

title switch it out a little bit switch

out some key words I would have a

template already on my phone and I would

copy and paste it in so if I was selling

clothing I would have a whole template

copy and paste it in and then just fill

in the measurements and stuff and you

can bang out listings really really

quick that way if you're doing on your

desktop kind of follow the same model

and just have like a template or

something on on word if you want to

check out I have some templates if you

go to youtube and type in rake in profit

listing template I actually have two of

my templates one for my employee and

another one for my listing templates so

if you type that in raking profit

listing template in YouTube you'll see a

video that comes up it's me like holding

a little piece of paper saying listing

template or something it's a free

download you can grab that what's up

April good to see you so true sell

similar has helped me as a new ebay oh

yeah sell similar is awesome you just

got to be careful to make sure that I'm

just gonna make sure that you change out

some of the key words and stuff and

sometimes it'll copy parts of the

listing that doesn't make sense like

it'll copy like I don't know stupid

things with shipping and stuff so you

just got to be careful with it and like

your listing terms Terms of Service and

stuff like shipping terms

like sometimes it'll change it for my

one day handling to like three day

because you're copying the other

person's listing or it'll copy like some

weird shipping options and stuff so you

just got to be careful and keywords and

stuff but that's all I got for you guys

I get to get rockin and rollin thank you

all so much Angie we got to get up

sometime great to see you here but thank

you so much for all the super chats

thank you so much for all the kind words

and hopefully this video is able to add

some value to you I'm looking forward to

leaving Connecticut and going to

California over the next couple of days

yes no to you they are all very nice tax

write-offs I believe education is like

100 percent right off so yeah is it

education is 100 percent right off and I

think travels 50 percent I'm not a CPA

but I I think that's what it is but yeah

definitely right in those puppies off

100% sure that's a great thing that's

one of the great things of being a

business owner is you could write so

many things off if it's an actual

expense right that's a whole other video

but traveling from business eating out

when I'm outside of my state you know

flights conferences computers all

different types of things cell phones I

can write all of these things out even a

certain percentage of my apartment I

could write off for my work area it's a

small percentage those rules that you

have to follow but that's one of the

benefits of being a business owner

especially you know an internet digital

ecommerce seller like myself there's

just so many things you could write off

so I very grateful for you all if you

enjoyed this video do me a favor and

smash that like button down below see if

we get a hundred likes right now but

much respect you all have a great day go

make some sales

keep up gonna make enough money and I'll

talk to you the next one peace