E2 IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 | Top Tips for 8+ with Jay!

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okey-dokey hello everybody my name is J

I'm one of the expert IELTS teachers

here at e to language in this live class

I'm going to give you eight top tips to

score eight plus okay yes I should know

how to do this let me tell you a little

story the story is this I got stuck on

7.5 in IELTS writing three times before

I managed to then get 8.5 on my fourth

attempt I could get 9 on reading

listening and speaking well not with no

problem that was certainly difficult in

itself but I got stuck on 7.5 for

writing it was incredibly frustrating

until I did some research about how the

examiners mark you in your I answer what

this live class is going to be about is

about what you need to do to satisfy the

examiners you need to know what they're

looking for in your writing ok so let's

go through and do that and hopefully