EA SPORTS UFC 3 | Tips and Tricks | Submissions

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what's up UFC fans Brian Hayes here with

some helpful tips for escaping or

finishing submissions if you're not

comfortable with the idea of your

opponent choking you unconscious or

breaking your arm the submission game

can be stressful but there's good news

escaping a submission is really not that

complicated I'm not saying it's always

going to be easy but it's not

complicated if your opponent locks on a

submission the only thing you need to

worry about is the right stick push the

right stick up down left or right to

move any one of the break walls all the

way to the edge of the submission hook

do that and you're out your opponent can

block you from moving the breakwall by

matching the same direction with the

right stick if you're pushing on a wall

and it's not moving push the right stick