IELTS Reading Tips and Tricks | How I got a band 8

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Hi there! It's Asiya and recently I've taken a computer-based IELTS exam in

London. Here is my result. Last year I took a

paper-based exam and got an eight, and in this video I want to share my tips and

strategies on how to get a high score in IELTS Reading. I've also made videos

about how to choose between a paper-based or a computer-based exam and

my tips on IELTS Listening. Videos about Writing and Speaking sections are coming

soon. Okay, let's get started!

what's exam format well you get 40 questions and 60 minutes to complete

them in IELTS academic you get three longer passages and IELTS general

training five shorter passages in an academic topic some more scientific and

you need to answer 30 questions in order to get a band seven and in general

training topics a bit simpler but you'll be expected to answer 34 questions in

order to get a 7 expect to be short of time in IELTS reading basically you have

a lot to read and then looking for questions takes a lot of time so time

management is important usually the first passage is the easiest and the

last one is the most difficult so the instructions in arts academic for

example tell you to spend 20 minutes on each section but you should finish the

first one in about 15 minutes 20 for the second and 25 for the third but ideally

you need to go through the questions even more quickly basically when you

find a question and you don't know what the answer is you can't find an answer

don't spend too much time on this question just market like to review and