How to CRUSH Reading Comprehension: 3 Effective Strategies to Ace RC [+worked example!]

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the first thing you should know about

reading comprehension is that the battle

starts in your mind I always see

students look a big chunk of text and I

bet the first thought that's going on in

their minds is oh my god I just don't

care about frogs or about 17th century

politicians this is boring people often

don't enjoy reading convention and they

just want to get it over with and get to

the end of the passage as quickly as

possible but as someone fortunate enough

to have gotten a perfect score in the

verbal sections of both the GRE and the

GMAT I have three main methods to help

you crush the reading comprehension

section but I warn you my advice is

different from what you might read

elsewhere especially the second and

third methods might be a little bit

controversial but what can I say they've