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what's the full form of mcq multiple choice  questions no i call it most confusing questions  

whatever we may call it no one can deny that  they could potentially be the most scoring parts  

of our exams and with online exams these days  mcqs are the new favorites of our teachers so  

in today's video i'm gonna give you five perfect  strategies to ace your mcq exams 10 tricks for  

guessing intelligently but before that did you  know which educational institution developed the  

first complete mcq examination given below are  four options and you need to give your option  

in the comment below while i reveal the correct  answer at the end of the video so let's get going

hey ChetChatters this is Chetna  and you're watching ChetChat  

and let's dive straight into the five strategies  to ace your mcq exams strategy number one  

plan your time time is the biggest limitation in  mcq exams so to tackle the continuous panic of  

losing time here's a very important strategy if  you have one hour for your mcq exams for example  

divide that into three parts the first 15 minutes  for skimming the paper read all the questions and  

as you go along you will find some small very easy  to solve direct questions solve them instantly and  

this will give you an initial boost of confidence  the next 30 minutes go through the rest of the  

questions if something is very hard don't spend  more than one minute on it in her book a mind  

for numbers barbara oakley recommends the heart  start jump to easy technique where she says that  

as soon as you hit a mental roadblock shift gears  and get to work on easier questions the brain is a  

powerful organ it keeps working in the  background also you might get some clues in  

some other questions and the last 15 minutes this  is the time to tackle those challenging problems  

and perhaps make some intelligent guesses  for those no go questions and we have 10  

super tricks for that coming up later on in this  video hey before i give you strategy number two